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Sanctioned Suicide

Sanctioned Suicide

Mar 17, 2018
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General Information:

Scams Megathread

Butanediol MegaThread

Decapitation MegaThread

Carbon Monoxide MegaThread

Exit Bag and Inert Gas MegaThread

Firearms MegaThread

Hanging MegaThread

Night-Night MegaThread

Sodium Azide MegaThread

Sodium Nitrite MegaThread

Forum Terminology:

Stan's Guide:

GoodPersonEffed on Manipulation Tactics to be Wary of:

First Aid Guide:

Ash Suicide Wiki

Program an email to be sent in the future:

Drowning Discussion:

How to Make Knots:

2 Knots + Bag Method

Making Peace with Dying:

Suicide FAQ:

"A Practical Guide to Suicide" book:

Wikibooks on Suffocation:

ASM Suicide Reference:

Blood Test for SN:

Benzodiazepine Equivalence Table:

Painless Drowning Discussion:

Collection of Suicide Books:

ASH TextFile:

Wikipedia List of Successful Suicides and Their Methods:


"How to Hang Yourself" discussion:

LostAllHope Site:

Lethality and Pain of Methods:

Sodium Nitrite (SN) Resource Compilation:

Downloads provided by :

Peaceful Pill eHandbook (Apr 2022) - most recent edition

Peaceful Pill eHandbook (Nov 2021) [OUTDATED]

Peaceful Pill eHandbook (Nov 2021) [OUTDATED]

Peaceful Pill eHandbook (Nov 2021) - quick update page [OUTDATED]

Peaceful Pill eHandbook (Aug-2021) [OUTDATED]
(this PPH has been uploaded by moderator RainAndSadness)

Yandex Drive: Books, Videos, Resources:

Mega Drive: Videos containing BedsideViewing and Reading (2,1 GB):!l0kFwKrY!uIaxxVqs_DLx4Sep8R7q-Uvjfh1jsmEE0tchc1lQ5pE
(Password: thoughts)

Five Last Acts (800+ pages - 2015): (279.3 MB - PDFs):

BedsideReading.rar (142.1 MB):

BedsideViewing.rar (376.7 MB):

Calculate your PPM for Room Size:

"How to Hang Yourself":

Books / Documentaries:

Suicide and Attempted Suicide - Geo Stone:

Mitchell Heisman's Suicide Note (1905 pages):

Failed attempts:




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