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Sanctioned Suicide

Sanctioned Suicide

Mar 17, 2018
Sanctioned Suicide

Welcome to Sanctioned Suicide, a suicide discussion forum.

We provide a safe space to discuss the topic of suicide without the censorship of other places, as well a community that can understand you and let you be yourself without judging you or forcing you to do anything. You can use this forum to vent, talk to like-minded individuals, share your experiences, or to empathize and offer kind words to others who might need them. We all need and deserve love and empathy.

Please understand that the information offered on this site is for educational purposes only and provided only by other users like you. We do not encourage, promote, advise, suggest, or aid suicide in any way or form; we only provide a space to talk about it. Be responsible, know the laws of your country, follow the forum rules, and know that the way you use any information posted on the forum is fully and solely your responsibility.

If you are in need of help or want to help others recover from depressive or suicidal thoughts, we encourage you to take a look at our
recovery subforum and crisis resources. Please understand that no one on the site is a therapist or doctor; seek professional help if you want medical advice. Furthermore, if you feel the site is not good for your mental health discontinue visiting it immediately, and if you so desire you can moreover disable your account should you have one.

Read this thread in its entirety.

The Forum:
  • Membership Requirement.
    • By using this site, you represent, acknowledge, and agree that you are at least 18 years of age, that you do not have intellectual disabilities, and that you have read and agreed with all our rules, as well as our privacy policy and terms of use.
  • Be respectful of others, and their opinions.
    • Disrespect will not be tolerated on this forum. Try to have constructive conversations without resorting to name-calling or insults.
  • Be thoughtful and critical.
    • Take care of what details you decide to share.
  • Use the search feature.
    • Your question has very likely already been answered many times before.
  • Harass, bully, attack or insult other members.
    • If someone is misbehaving or breaking the rules, report them instead. Do not troll or proselytize, meaning do not impose your views - no matter what they are - on others or make threads to get people riled up.
  • Direct hate towards others based on gender, race, or sex orientation
    • Do not use abusive language or direct hate towards others based on their race, gender, or sexual orientation. This is a very diverse community with many different types of people from different backgrounds.
  • Encourage acts, ask for encouragement, or help anyone commit any acts.
    • Do not encourage, suggest, manipulate, coerce, or help users carry out acts of any nature whatsoever, including suicide; only provide factual information and emotional support to those who ask for it. Do not try to get the community to tell you what to do, only you can choose your path and actions.
  • Sell, purchase, offer, gift, or request products, materials, or money.
    • We don't allow any transaction or offer for transactions whatsoever on the forum. This website is not a marketplace.
  • Post low effort, spam, or ask to be PMd (i.e., sent a Private Message).
    • Don't spam or make low effort replies. Spam includes sending mass PMs, unsolicited PMs, and making posts asking for people to PM you.
  • Post or request personal information, website links, or sources of ANY kind.
    • Don't post personal information of anyone, no matter if the information is public or not, or if you have been given permission or not. This includes posting or requesting identifying information of providers, contacts, of yourself, of someone else, or website links to providers (e.g., amazon products, ebay stores, onions, upload sites, independent sellers, etc). If you wish to share information with someone, do so privately, but understand you take responsibility for the risks of doing so.
  • Conceal or interact with minors
    • It is your duty to report any minors that you find on the forum. Members found to be knowingly witholding such information from the moderation team will be warned or banned.

Additional Guidelines
  • Special Threads
    • Threads such as the user discussion megathread and similar ones have rules of their own, specified on the first page. You must read them before posting in them, as otherwise you will be warned.
  • Use NSFW avatars/signatures.
    • Don't use NSFW images for your avatar or signature, including self-harm and sexual acts.
  • Chat Guidelines.
    • No sexual talk or the breaking of any of the above rules in it. Any image or video attachments must be placed inside spoiler tags.
  • Accounts
    • You are allowed only one account on the site. You can change your username from your preferences. You can also at any time disable your account, and it will become permanently inaccessible, your username randomized, and your email and password purged from the database. You cannot use this feature to get another account. Read the FAQ below to understand how the process of disabling works.
These rules are very flexible. You WILL be warned or banned if you attempt to circumvent any of them.

When you register to our forum, you must not use proxies, VPNs, or Tor. This is to prevent spam. You are allowed to use any of these after you are accepted to the forum.

You can also check out the unofficial guide for the forum and the How To: Chat Guide made by users like you for more information. It might help you get started.

Important Information:

Tips for new members:

  • Read this thread in its entirety and carefully.
  • Double-check any data you come across, no matter who posted it or shared it.
  • Do not send money to anyone. Scammers exist, but they are only successful if you do. Don't. Share the information with staff so they can get rid of them.
Moreover, be advised that NO ONE on this site will advise you on how to end your life. Helping someone die, including advising and including specifics, is against the rules of the site, illegal in many countries and jurisdictions, and is unethical.

Please use and take advantage of both the search function of the site and the resources section of the forum. Do not be lazy.

Many of us often feel lost and unsure of what we truly want to do. We let our emotions dictate how we act and guide our judgment through impulsivity. We have a recovery area in the forum for such cases, where recovery treatments and a compilation of resources for hotlines are available:

Recovery Section

Recovery Treatments

Wanting to Talk to Someone

We do suggest to existing users to play a role in providing new members of the site with recovery help; even simply copy-pasting the tips and disclaimer above is helpful.

Can I delete my account?
Yes. You can click on the "Disable account" button at the bottom of the dropdown that appears when you click your user at the top of the page, or from the bottom of the sidebar when you go to your preferences. This is permanent and cannot be undone.

Can I change my username?
Yes. Check your preferences.

Can I trust other members?
Most users are sincere and empathetic, but we can never guarantee that anyone is who they say they are. Don't trust any stranger on the internet without understanding the risks first. Take the time to get to know people before trusting them, no matter how friendly they may seem. Most importantly, never send money to anyone. People are scammed only if they send money, so please don't. Immediately report people who ask for money or offer to sell, buy, or even gift anything, this is not a marketplace.

Is X information correct?
Never assume any information whatsoever is correct or accurate, no matter where you read it or who gives it to you. Always, no matter what, make your own critical assessment and investigation. You are responsible for any usage of the data you come across.

How do I respond to a thread?
If you click a thread from the main forum and then scroll to the bottom, then you'll see a box where you can type your response.

Why are my responses/replies to more than one user being combined into one whole response/reply, instead of two or more separate responses in a thread?
Forum functionality combines two responses into one post because that's how the functionality works as a whole. separate responses to separate users and different statements into different replies for each specific user crowds the post and creates an unnecessary volume and amount of posts under a specific thread, and makes it harder for people to read and browse through. Your responses combined into one post does no harm, as both users involved get notifications and are then redirected to your post in question. Thus, more than one response to a post in a thread will be combined into one post as a whole.

How can I create a thread, send a PM to a user, or join the chat?
The permissions to create a thread, send and receive PMs, and use the chatroom will be granted automatically after you post a certain secret number of times and are active for at least 24 hours. This is to avoid spam and abuse of accounts.

How do I send a PM after I have permission?
Once you have permission to do so, you can send a PM by going to the information tab of a member's profile. If it gives you an error for spam-like content, check your message, our system identifies it as spam.

Can I delete Private Messages (PMs)?
Yes, but only if you and the other person both leave the conversation (there's a button to do so in the conversation page). We can't delete them for you.

Will the site ever close? Should I worry?
Our website does not aid or encourage suicide, and all information provided is for educational purposes only. We only offer a place to discuss the topic of suicide; in other words, we provide a free speech platform for those that can't speak about suicide anywhere else. We have taken precautions to avoid issues that could arise, but regardless, there might be days where the forum is in the public eye. At those times, please don't panic. Suicide is a taboo topic, and thus, we must not succumb to any paranoia or fear. Help us keep the peace during these times by calming other users and not creating panic by making threads about it. Downtime may happen at times due to maintenance, upgrades, or feature changes, if there's anything that you should know, we'll make a thread about it and pin it. In short, the site is not illegal.

Can I edit or delete my posts and threads?
Yes. You have 6 hours after posting to edit or delete the content. If you need something deleted or modified after that period, you can ask a moderator to remove or edit it via PM. We don't mass delete content, no exceptions.

How do I get alerts from a specific thread?
At the top right of every thread, there's a button that says "Watch thread." If you want to watch a particular thread without having to post, click the button. By changing your alert preferences, you can automatically watch threads after you post in them or after you create one.

How do I change my alert and privacy preferences? How do I change the title under my username?
Everything can be managed from your preferences panel.

Is there a "Dark" mode?
Yes. Check the bottom left of the page: There's a button that gives you the option of switching between "Light" and "Dark." There's even an Incognito mode so that you can browse in public.

Can I follow or block a member?
Yes. Click on the member's name, and you should see the "Follow" and "Ignore" buttons to be able to follow or block a member.

My privacy is essential to me. Do you have any tips for me?
  • Don't post personal information (name, address, phone, email, pictures, etc).
  • Use a unique username for every website you use.
  • Use a proxy/VPN once you are registered.
  • Tweak your preferences and privacy options to your liking here.
  • Use a secure or disposable email provider.
Privacy is very important to me. More tips?
  • Learn the difference between being careful and being paranoid.
  • Avoid social media and delete your profiles.
  • Search yourself or reverse search your pictures and delete everything that comes up.
  • Don't use Google (DuckDuckGo and Startpage are good alternatives).
  • Change your DNS to a privacy-first DNSs. Cloudflare is a fast and decent alternative.
  • Use Firefox, Waterfox, Brave, or Opera. Never Chrome.
  • Set your browser to delete browsing data on close or use Tor (albeit it is slower).
  • Learn how to make a good password and never use the same twice.
  • The websites you registered accounts on five years ago and don't use anymore? Log in and delete them.
  • Don't put your name in your email (e.g., [email protected]).
  • Avoid using Windows if possible, especially Windows 10 - it's a privacy nightmare. We know this is hard to avoid.
  • Malwarebytes is a decent antivirus, run it manually every week or two (you have to pay for automatic checks).
  • Learn how to manage your firewall in the OS of your choice.
  • Learn about EXIF in pictures, how they store identifiable information, and learn how to erase it.
Can mods or admins read my PMs?
Staff cannot read your PMs unless someone reports a message that is from you, in which case we will be able to see the reported message.

I have been banned. What can I do?
If you are banned, you can post an appeal via tickets, in the navigation bar.

Why was X banned?
We do not discuss reasons for bans or warnings with other users as they are personal and private. The vast majority of bans are requested bans or self-bans.

Why are there different colors for usernames? What do they mean?
Depending on your number of posts, you will be assigned a rank on the forum. These are just for fun and they don't mean anything; don't overthink it!
A list of all ranks and how many posts are needed to reach each rank can be found here:
0-4 -> New Member
5-99 -> Member
100-199 -> Student
200-299 -> Experienced
300-399 -> Specialist
400-499 -> Arcanist
500-599 -> Mage
600-699 -> Wizard
700-799 -> Warlock
800-899 -> Elementalist
900-999 -> Paragon
1000-1999 -> Enlightened
2000-2999 -> Visionary
3000-3999 -> Illuminated
4000-4999 -> Angelic
5000+ -> Archangel
Please note that each rank promotion requires +1 week of being registered (e.g., three weeks for Specialist, four weeks for Arcanist, etc.) Moreover, ranks are purely aesthetic, they don't really provide anything except looking cool.

Why was my comment deleted or thread locked?
Mods may delete content that is against the rules, and lock threads that are provoking flame wars or chaos. You are free to PM a mod to discuss this.

I have feedback or a question that isn't answered here in this FAQ!
Feel free to reach out via private message to any of our moderators.
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