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Jun 1, 2019
Sodium Nitrite (SN) Method


This document has been designed to give a full understanding of SN, what it is, how it works and how to use it. It will use the most simplest way of delivering this information as many members do not have English as their first language. Therefore using complicated words in sentences may be fine for English speakers but may translate into something confusing for others. it will abide by the forum rules so no links are included. Please use an internet search engine to search for items and use the criteria contained here to help you.

What is SN?

Sodium Nitrite or SN as it is commonly referred to, is an inorganic salt used widely in food processing. It can come in a range of colour from a bright white to yellowish powder or crystals. It is currently legal to own as a private citizen in all countries.

Where can I buy SN?

SN can be found through the large world famous internet marketplaces. Check those for ‘Sodium Nitrite’ or the equivalent name in your mother tongue. Internet search engines will also tell you that a few laboratories will sell you you. A 100gm bag is the minimum size quantity you need. Ensure it is Nitrite and not Nitrate.

Food grade versus Laboratory Grade

Depending on availability, both food grade and laboratory grade are acceptable as long as the purity is > 95% (this info is usually found in the product description or on label).

Why SN?

The PPH has designated SN ingestion as a peaceful way to end your life. It has made that statement through observing the death of 6 people who ingested a SN drink. Peaceful means that there was minimal distress to those who drank it and did not suffer. There are symptoms that can be gained by drinking SN.

How does SN work?

SN ends your life through a clinical process called Hypoxia. That means it deprives your body of oxygen. It achieves this by changing your blood. The blood that you have in you right now contains a lot of Hemoglobin, the bright red blood that carries oxygen to all parts of your body. SN poisoning converts Hemoglobin to something called Methemoglobin which cannot carry oxygen. This will change the colour of your blood to a blue or brown colour.

How will I feel during SN poisoning?

The following symptoms may be seen through SN poisoning:
  • Nausea
  • Pale, gray, or blue-tinted skin, lips, or nail beds (cyanosis).
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Fatigue.
  • Confusion.
  • Headache.
  • Lightheadedness.
  • Rapid heart rate (tachycardia).
It is not a guarantee that you will see all of these symptoms. They provide low level discomfort and you will suffer no distress through the process.

Most of the reports in this forum from members that have used this process have identified that they encountered some of these symptoms but were in no way distressed by them.

What do I need and why?

The essential component is the SN. Everything else is meant to make the process easier for you and to minimise any possible symptoms and discomfort.

With anyone already taking medications for any reason it is essential that you understand if any of your prescribed drugs interact badly with any medication listed. Open Google and search for ‘drug interaction tracker’. Some sites will appear where you can list the medications you are on now and add the recommendations below. It is advised for you not to come off your prescribed medication to achieve SN poisoning. Instead, just do not take the drug or drugs listed as part of the regimen. The risks of doing this will be listed later in this document.

Previous versions of the PPH will mention other medications but have now been removed. They were guesses at how to make the process more effective but were later found out not to. The best way to be successful is to keep it as simple as possible and only take the supporting recommendations if you feel they will benefit you and are not dangerous with any prescribed drugs you are already on.

  • Antiemetic

The second most important step of the method after making the SN drink and swallowing it, is for the SN to stay in your stomach. You are drinking a toxic liquid and your body defences will recognise this and may try to cleanse your body. One of the defence systems is vomiting.

Below is a list of antiemtics in their generic name. Some countries may have a brand name for these drugs:

  1. Domperidone
  2. Metoclopramide
  3. Olanzapine
  4. Alizapramide
  5. Chlorpromazine
  6. Prochlorperazine
You only need access to one of the above

Some of you may be on antipsychotics as part of your mental health treatment. If you are any of the below, there is no need to take any antiemetic as they already function as an antiemetic.

Droperidol- 0,25 nM. Benperidol- 0,027 nM. Trifuperidol- 0,4 nM. Spiperone- 0,053 nM. Haloperidol- 2,0. Bromperidol- 2,1. Lurasidone- 1,0 nM. Sestindole- 2,7 nM. Paliperidone- 2,8 nM. Risperidone- 4,9 nM. Olanzapine- 21 nM. Clozapine- 144 nM. Quetiapine- 245 nM

  • Antacid

The purpose of antacid has nothing to do with quicker absorption of SN. In your stomach there is something called gastric juices, one of the components of this juice is hydrochloric acid (HCL). When SN mixes with HCL, it converts to regular salt (NaCL). There isn't enough HCL in your stomach to convert all the recommended dose, but it will reduce it. Therefore less SN gets passed to the small intestine where the process of actually transferring it into bloodstream starts. The stomach only prepares the food for digestion, it does not absorb it into the bloodstream. So the purpose of antacid is to help reduce that conversion so more SN moves into the small intestine.

You may see that there are conversations regarding complex medications to reduce the amount of stomach acid. It is not necessary. Regular stores and pharmacies will sell easy to obtain medications that cure indigestion and excess stomach acid.

After research, it was found that proton pump inhibitors (PPI) were not useful for the SN process. Nor any other drug that changes the behaviour of your stomach producing acid. You only need something that reduces the stomach acid quickly.

Excess normal salt (NaCl) in your stomach may also produce some stomach discomfort which makes it a good thing to take them.
  • Pain killers
When SN starts to work, your blood pressure will drop. When this happens you may get a mild headache. To counteract this, any regular pain killer will stop or reduce the pain before it starts. Paracetamol or Ibuprofen will work.
  • Sedatives
It is only natural to feel extremely anxious during this event. Some may be concerned and wish to make it easier for themselves. Taking a large amount of alcohol prior is not recommended. The body already sees alcohol as a toxin, adding another toxin may tip the balance and increase the chance of vomiting. Pharmaceutical sedatives are the recommended way to reduce anxiety or perhaps something that you personally know that would work. Benzodiazepines is the recommended choice.
  • Beta Blockers
One of the symptoms you may get is a fast heart rate (tachycardia). It is completely normal for the SN process and does not cause any pain. Your heart will beat faster as if you have done some physical exercise or you are watching a scary film. The drug recommended is Propanolol. In the opinion of the author of this document, it is a luxury item and would not consider the effort in purchasing it to have any significant effect on you not being distressed.

It is a prescription only drug and just adds another complication to sourcing and potentially using if you are already on prescribed treatments.

How important are these medications?

I will give my opinion on the importance of the drugs for you to understand whether they are key to your success. It should be noted that there have been accidental deaths (you can find through a Google search) where the victims took no preparation drugs at all.
  • Antiemetic.

Without keeping the SN in your stomach, it will not work. There have been reports from people who followed the correct dosage of an antiemetic and still vomited so there is no guarantee. I would suggest that you do everything possible not to vomit. You do not want any antiemetic though. Buying one for travel sickness for example works on the wrong part of the brain for the SN method. What you need is a dopamine blocker which have been listed above. This is the medication that is most likely to react with people who are on existing prescriptions. Please check the interaction for your own safety.

Some people find it easy to drink something salty with no thought, some may dry retch as part of the natural reaction from the body.

If you have decided to use a particular antiemetic, it is strongly advised to take a test dose before you think of doing the SN method to see if it has a negative reaction with you. This is to avoid any unwanted surprises on the day that you take the SN.
  • Antacid.
The most simplest medication to get. Not taking it does not automatically mean failure or that it will be slower. Just means more SN reaches the bloodstream which is what you want.
  • Pain Killer.
Another simple medication to get and use. There is no reason not to use it.
  • Beta Blocker.
I only mention it as it will be advertised in more recent versions of the PPH and I did not want confusion regarding why I did not mention it here. It is excessive for the process and only acts to eliminate a symptom (fast heart rate) that does not hurt.

Where can I get these medications?

There are a few methods and I will list them again with how people got them. Please make sure that if you are already on medications to use the drug interaction tracker to understand if they are suitable for you.


Most countries have these as prescription only drugs. Some people have gone to their primary care doctor and have been able to get a prescription pretending that they have migraines and feel nauseous. Say that a close family member has the same thing and that they use Metoclopramide that works well for them. You may want to research symptoms of migraines as it is likely the doctor will ask questions.It is such a low level medication that most doctors would prescribe without concern. Some countries will sell the equivalent drug without prescription (UK for example). Just go to a good pharmacy and state you have migraines and you are looking for something to help with the nausea. Do not buy antiemetics that have the purpose of curing travel sickness, they will not work for SN. Internet online pharmacies will also sell this easily. Google online pharmacy and many will appear. It is such a simple drug that there is low risk of fraud.


Regular stores or pharmacies found in your local community.

Pain killers

Regular stores or pharmacies found in your local community.

Beta Blocker

This will be difficult to get on prescription without a real valid medical reason. Look at online pharmacies for its availability.


Prescription only. Go to the doctor and state you are having panic attacks.

What’s the method for SN poisoning?

Once you have got all the components together you can start to plan how to take it. There are two processes that have been used with equal success. I will identify them as the 48 hour Regimen and the Stat Dose. The amount of SN is outlined in the PPH and is tied to your weight. I have accessed that 100mg of SN per every kilo of your weight is a fatal dose. The PPH will recommend more than this, it is not a bad thing. It is obvious that the more SN you ingest, the more likely you will succeed. This needs to be balanced with regard to how easy the drink is to consume as you do not want a thick milkshake consistency in the glass that is undrinkable.

  • Recommended doses of SN
20gm in 50ml of plain water if you consider yourself a regular size

25gm in 50 ml of plain water if you consider yourself a large size.

It is important that all of the SN is dissolved. If there are crystals still at the bottom of the glass, add small bits of water and keep stirring. The aim is to use as little water as possible.

It is important that you only use plain water to mix the SN drink. Do not consider using fruit juice or carbonated drinks to make the taste better. It will slow the process and drinking an acidic drink negates the use of an antacid.

The aim is to flood your bloodstream with the right amount of SN as quickly as possible so you do not feel any symptoms for any longer than you need to. This is why using the SN in water is recommended above any other method. Some people use a strong mouthwash to numb their tongue and tastebuds before or after drinking the SN. Or a small piece of confectionery to remove the taste afterwards.

Some people have discussed or used putting SN into capsules. This only removes the point of the salty taste in your mouth. People have still been sick after taking capsules as the human body will still react to poisoning regardless of if it is in water or capsules. There is also the potential for the SN to be slowly released into your system which could extend the time to death significantly.

Others have suggested doing this enema. Big risk that it will come out again and you will fail.

Injections are strongly not advised. You need hospital equipment and assistance from another medically trained person to make that work.

  • 48 hour Regimen

Some people are concerned about vomiting all of the SN drink and failing. They find comfort going through a two day process to prepare them mentally for the event. Fasting is strongly recommended. Some people have medical conditions that mean fasting has a negative effect on them. Sources say that 8 hours is needed. I would suggest individuals know their own metabolism better than a book. If you know that your stomach feels empty after 4 hours, then I suggest you have a 4 hour fast. Try to avoid eating anything large and heavy. Avoid drinking anything two hours prior to drinking the SN. If you need to, then just plain water.

I will use Metoclopramide as the antiemetic of choice to use in this example schedule as it seems to be the most popular medication. Check the label in the medication box to ensure dosage and any other instructions.

You need to organise your own schedule with the exact timings. My advise would be that you aim to take the SN drink at midnight on the day you intend to leave to allow the poisoning to take effect overnight. Not being found or interrupted should be a critical part of your plan.

If using sedatives, I would suggest taking the prescribed dose 1 hour before drinking the SN

Day 1Medication and Dose
08:00hrs1 X 10mg Metoclopramide
16:00hrs1 X 10mg Metoclopramide
24:00hrs1 X 10mg Metoclopramide
Day 2Medication and Dose
08:00hrs1 X 10mg Metoclopramide
16:00hrs1 X 10mg Metoclopramide
23:00hrs600mg of Ibuprofen or 1000mg of paracetamol. You can use any painkiller as long as you stay within the recommended dose
23:15hrs3 X 10mg Metoclopramide (30mg in total)
23:30hrsDouble dose of what is recommended on the label of the antacid.
24:00hrsSN drink
Once consumed, immediately relax on a bed, couch or reclining chair. There is no way to predict for an individual when the effects will start to happen. The SN will give you low blood pressure and fainting is a common occurrence. This is a good thing as you are now unconscious and will feel nothing.

  • Stat Dose

Some people will not want to wait 2 days or fear that two days of using an antiemetic will have a negative effect on them. Stat dose is equally successful as the two day regime. Dignitas only use a Stat Dose process. Remember to consider the appropriate fasting and try not to drink for 2 hours beforehand.

1 hour before drinking SN600mg of Ibuprofen or 1000mg of paracetamol. You can use any pain killer as long as you stay within the recommended dose
45 minutes before drinking SN3 X 10mg Metoclopramide (30mg in total)
30 minutes before drinking SNDouble dose of what is recommended on the label of the antacid.
SN drink
Once consumed, immediately relax on a bed, couch or reclining chair. There is no way to predict for an individual when the effects will start to happen. The SN will give you low blood pressure and fainting is a common occurrence. This is a good thing as you are now unconscious and will feel nothing.

What happens after I drink SN?

The answer to this varies from person to person. I will try and answer them in order of how it might happen.


This is probably the most common symptom. Nausea can happen for a number of reasons.

The taste alone may be horrible and cause a gag reaction.

Natural body reaction to recognising a toxin in your body (think about if you have had an excess of alcohol)

Anxiety can produce nausea. People who do public performances often feel sick in their stomach before going out on stage.

When vomiting, two things will happen. Retching will either bring up stomach mucus which is a clear sticky substance or bring up the SN liquid. The reason why it is advised to use as little water as possible is that you can make a personal assessment whether you brought it all up. People make 3 glasses of the SN solution to drink some more if they feel they have brought too much up. People have achieved ctb after vomiting so it is not an automatic failure.


You might start to feel your heart beating faster. This is the body responding to the knowledge that less oxygen is in the blood. It tries to compensate by moving the blood quicker around your body. This is a sensation and comes with no pain, but it may make you feel anxious.

Heavy breathing

The same as tachycardia, the body needs more oxygen so it will send instructions to your lungs to get more air. No pain but could make you anxious.

Dizzy and drowsy

The brain responds to the lack of oxygen by shutting down. This will cause drowsiness and perhaps dizziness. This is a good indicator that you will be unconscious soon. Make sure you are seated or horizontal on bed or couch. This is when you really know it is working.


This may take up to 20 minutes to happen from drinking the SN. Be aware that fainting can happen quickly. Those who already from low blood pressure will succumb quicker.


Anywhere between 40 minutes and 4 hours depending on your health and natural metabolism. There is no way to give an individual person a time of death from consumption. When discovered, your skin will have changed colour to a grey or blue due to the cyanosis. Because of the wide time frame that death can be reached, it is vital that you factor this in your plan so you do not get found and saved.
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