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Mar 28, 2021
This is a compilation of Support Megathreads. The purpose of these threads is for members to discuss the subject of the thread, how it contributes to their suicidal ideation or intent, and give or receive support regarding a shared issue, specific demographic etc. It is an opportunity to connect with those in a similar situation.

Threads are listed in alphabetical order, but may be separated into subcategories as more Megathreads are created over time.

Abuse, Bullying and Trauma Megathread

Christmas/New Year/Winter Holidays Check-In Megathread

Chronic Illnesses and Physical Diseases Megathread

Eating Disorders Megathread

Grief and Loss Megathread

"I'd like to feel a bit better/ I'd like to recover" Support Group Megathread

Loneliness Megathread

Terminal Illnesses Megathread

Transgender Support Megathread

If you have an idea for a new Megathread which you feel is needed, please contact mods. Please note that official Megathreads are created and moderated by members of staff. Thank you. :heart:
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