Dec 12, 2020
They did it again. I want to kms. They threw stuff at the window again. Why th are they doing this? It's idiotic because I know I'm not doing anything to them but I'm asking myself if my existence is so disgusting that they do stuff like this to me. There's no justice in this world. I want to die.


a confession, a cadaver
May 8, 2023
I’m sorry for everyone I failed in my life. I’m sorry to my best friend that we won’t be able to go to Japan or do the things we wanted to always do and to my cousin and my sisters and the person I loved I kept making more and more mistakes . Everyone in my life made my life worth living everything was so special but I ruined it all I wish I could go back to October to when I didn’t cause this much pain to myself. And the same person that I needed was the one I was running from. My memory is getting worst and worst and I can feel my self slipping away . This world is so cruel yet I have so much love for everyone. I wish my journey in this life wasn’t coming to and end . I wish you would come back to me I really loved you how could fate bring us together just to take you away from me but was I the one who caused this was it my trauma was it even really I don’t know anymore . I’m sorry everyone


wandering ghost (he/him)
Apr 19, 2023
im a waste. i just sit in bed all day on my phone. im not even trying. the only thing i look forward to is smoking. it used to be food but ive lost my appetite. i havent showered in weeks. im just rotting. im such a waste. why cant i do anything productive. im so tired and sluggish all the time. im so bored but i cant do anything. im a waste.


All I can do is dream, for I am so, so tired.
Mar 12, 2023
I don't understand my feelings. Why is it that even though I have few friends, I still feel so lonely and hoarded? I feel frustrated and hurt seeing people my age hanging out together. I want what they have. I want to break, to ruin, to destroy something. I can never understand what it's like to feel loved.


Feb 13, 2023
I feel empty. Like if you slice me open, you'll find nothing there. Just black emptiness. I go through life mechanically, and it's like every emotion I feel is fake. Like they're really just at the surface. Beneath, there's nothing. It's weird. I know what to feel but I don't feel it.

I'm hurting and because of that, I end up hurting others. I don't want to cause pain anymore. I don't want to feel pain anymore. I just want it all to end.
I wish I felt wanted


I'm in despair
Dec 21, 2021
I hate myself.

A depressive, stupid, useless, unemployed person.
All I do is lie in bed because I can't get up.

I have to go to great lengths to wash my hair, brush my teeth, and take a shower.

No one knows that I am deeply depressed.
I don't trust anyone and I don't tell anyone about my condition.

People I know think I'm just lazy.
They say they are tired too, but they work, unlike me.

This makes me feel even more useless.
Dead Ghost

Dead Ghost

Mestre del Temps
May 6, 2022
I am trying hard to make friends online and I have downloaded an app...but I can't find anyone like you guys and that makes me feel sad, because it means that actually people like us don't really relate or don't know how to do it well...I guess I really want to be alone and just write to someone sometimes -when I feel bad...I am selfish, yes-.


Estic esforçant-me per fer amics en línia i he baixat una aplicació... però no trobo ningú com vosaltres i això em fa sentir trist perquè vol dir que en realitat la gent com nosaltres no es relaciona o no s'en surt bé... suposo que en realitat vull estar sol i només escriure'm amb algú de vegades -quan em trobi malament.. sóc egoísta, si-.