Dec 16, 2020
started taking 10mg Meto today at 6am,2pm, and will take another at 10pm. Tomorrow same 10mg at 6am and 2pm. Fast Tomorrow starting at 1pm. I have 80mg tablets of ER propranolol. Was going to take one at 930pm, but should I take 2. 945pm 1000mg of acetaminophen, 945pm 1.5mg of Klonopin, 10pm 30mg Meto, 1015 800mg of Tagamet, and finally at 11pm 20G of SN in 50-60ml of water. Also prepare a 2nd cup. I also have a peppermint to suck on after drinking the SN and am hoping I dont gag it all up because of the taste. Any recommended changes to the regimen? I'm not sure if I should take 80mg or 160mg of the ER propranolol.
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