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Mar 17, 2018
So... I managed to find a way to suicide using LYE (sodium hydroxide) through some youthful experience in bomb-making. Of course... before I begin, I must emphasize that it is DIRE that you make sure the lye is at 100% purity and is food grade. I tried experimenting with drano (Don't ask why I did it; It was all I could get at the time... and I didn't take the time to think.) and ended up burning my nose when I took a whiff of it and later found out that it wasn't pure and the burning smell was from the ammonia gas it produced from ammonium nitrate. Now that we've got that out of the way, lets begin. What you'll be needing is an apparatus, which the parts required to build one would be a 2-4 litre heat-resistant glass container with a screw on cap, vinyl/silicone tubing, and a plastic 1-2 litre bottle. Then you'll need a plastic bag for your head. It should look like this.

To begin, you need to fill the plastic bottle with cold water. You should probably add ice cubes to make sure it's really cold.This will act as a bubbler filter and cool down the resulting hydrogen gas while filtering out the lye-water vapor. Then in the glass container, you fill the glass container about half way with 15-25% lye and add about 5-10 ft² of aluminium foil (rolled into balls). The lye will react with the aluminium foil producing sodium aluminate and hydrogen gas. This is what the final product will look like.

The only hazards with hydrogen is that it's flammable in the presence of oxygen. That said, keep away from open flame. Otherwise, it kills you by acting as a simple asphyxiant.

Of course... you're gonna be needing some motion sickness pills due to the possibility of decompression sickness due to hydrogen having lower density than air, and even helium.

Thoughts? "Yay", or "Nay"?
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Not Circling the Drain Anymore
May 31, 2018
Sounds like a really good way to end up in a burn unit. I'd just stick with buying a tank of nitrogen. Easier and safer.

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