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Natural pessimist, born quitter.
Sep 9, 2023
I don't 100% know whether I'd rather recover or ctb, so I'm considering both. Regardless, I'm willing to listen to anyone vent or speak of their anxieties. I can't guarantee help, but I can try and be there if/when someone needs me to.
- I'm a mainland European-born person currently living in the UK, I don't mind what gender/age I communicate with, but preferably someone who isn't too far off my time zone. +/- 4 hours I would recommend as the max amount of time difference, as otherwise I might struggle to be active when it is needed. Still, if activity times are not that much of an issue, anyone can contact me, really.

I am currently in higher education and searching for work, however, I feel like I'm either failing upwards or just failing depending on the day. A bit of a procrastinator and often anxious, hence I'm on here so often to distract myself, but I do try, so I might be busy. Can't guarantee 24/7 presence, but I've got this site open on my home laptop constantly, even when I'm not on it-- I'll probably notice if I get a notif. (Unless I'm on campus/at work - if I get work - or asleep. Sorry in advance if responses take a while.)

PM me if interested.
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Andro • Ανδρομέδα

Andro • Ανδρομέδα

Nov 12, 2022
20 years old, M, from Latin America.
Any gender. Preferably between 18-30 years old.
To be honest, I'm not seeking support. I simply want to have conversations with someone about common things or problems. It's a way for me to distract my mind from my thoughts.

A bit about me:
  • I'm a NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training).
  • I have ADHD.
  • I exhibit some antisocial traits.
  • I struggle with depression.
  • I'm shy and introverted in real life, but I also deal with social anxiety.
  • I'm a loner.
  • I have agoraphobia.
  • My therapist has described me as misanthropic.
  • Some people find me boring in real life.
  • I experience splitting, which involves idealization and devaluation of others.
  • I can be impulsive.
  • I have few hobbies due to my tendency to hyperfocus.
  • I'm a daydreamer.
  • Some people have referred to me as a "Bible writer" because I write a lot.

Please feel free to message me and talk about anything. No matter what you think, and don't be afraid if you're shy or have social anxiety.
Hey, I would like to talk.


Jul 25, 2023
23, female, from Latin America.

Looking for someone who would like to share thoughts (:
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Aug 2, 2020
Late 30s female
I've managed to achieve meaningful recovery after many years of suicidality due to health issues, family rejection, and other life problems which were debilitating and painful. Hobbies include computers, technology, animals, meditation, cooking, finance, self-improvement.

I'm happy to be a sounding board for anyone very interested in trying to get on a better path, or for anyone who wants an accountability partner when they lose motivation or slide into cynicism too deeply. Not looking to meet up irl but online conversations are cool with me. Probably best if you're around my age and not actively suicidal (I'm probably not going to be terribly helpful if you're currently wanting to ctb).
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