Mar 8, 2023
28 M
Hello, I don't really need anyone to write about what's happening to me, I come to this thread here to offer to chat with whoever needs it and give them my opinion about what they can tell me, basically I offer my help to you


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Mar 21, 2023
19f. survived an attempt 48hr ago and I want to get better. horribly alone irl. looking for a recovery partner or a friend, any gender but preferably also a young age?

had depression since I was a kid, its the most fucking horrible illness and has put me in hospital multiple times so this stuff is not new to me. I have autism too but I have learned how to heavily mask it so I appear as "normal" to most people and barely anyone in my life knows.

im majoring in music at university, its my biggest passion, what I like to talk about most... honestly my only motivation for getting better at the moment is finishing my degree and then doing a masters degree. hopefully ill find other motivation eventually though.

I also like film and fashion and textilemaking and any other form of art. a lot of you in this thread seem lovely but I can't PM people yet. :(


Mar 22, 2023
36 M / Germany / Netherlands border

Last attempt to recover — currently lacking perspective

Backup Plan is CTB and knowing it’s welk planned is a relief
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