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Jun 1, 2023
im not sure if im recovering from anything, i've survived multiple hanging attempts and now i cant do anything other than walk around in circles.

just looking to talk or just do regular check ins with anyone, so I dont do anything truly stupid
, have no preferences or prejudices, at least i try not to.

Not on any social media or apps, but am willing to set up discrete profiles.
Im in the EU currently.
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Caught between black and white
Jun 11, 2023
I heard there is a discord, could anyone send me the link please?


4th account disable attempt.
Jun 22, 2023
I'm Jiang. I'm 19 and, I seriously tried to kill myself today. after tommrow, I will be even more in danger, this is just from the thought of failure, and it will be confirmed tommrow. I used to be head boy, sports teams and such. I like Philosophy and Psychology. Infinite mental health and therapy experience. Please message me as I will really need it in the coming days.

crimson blue

My demons haunt me
Sep 29, 2022
Male in his twenties, looking for someone to talk to and vent to, willing to listen. I have been recovering for a long time now, I wobble very often but I keep trying. I speak Spanish.
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Jun 23, 2023
27 M Czechia

I came to this forum mainly to look for friends with which I could spend time in person, not only over the internet. I like to mainly do sport activities like running and talking about stuff during that, because i am too lazy do that on my own alone and I found out couple years ago that if i talk with someone during sport, my physical exhaustion somewhat disappears, i know also there are people who have this exhaustion disadvantage reversed so i looking for someone who have that with sport exhaustion the same way as me so the friend won't be in disadvantage, so i can do that longer so it would be more helpful for my physical condition. Doing that at least once per week and also in winter would be optimal.

I am also looking for friends who like to craft and research things, learn new stuff and pass on their knowledge to others, because again, because of my laziness. I have some problems in making stuff from my ideas. The problem would be solved with someone who could do these things with me in a team, we could do my ideas, the friend's ideas, join our ideas together. The problem with my laziness is that i have many small projects which i can make them real couple of them after some time, that is ok, but then i have medium size projects in smaller amount what i usually start and not finish or finish them after very long time and then i have big size project ideas in smallest amount for which i don't even have enough knowledge to start them. If i would have some friend who would join me in a team with me, we could cut these bigger projects to smaller projects and it would be easier for me to beat my laziness.

Would be nice find someone who would have available both these similarities, but I would be also ok if i would found multiple friends with only one of these similarities. For the first similarity would be optimal if the person i look for would be in the same country as i live and close to my city. Age and gender doesn't matter for me, but if the person who read this post does matter age and gender and probably appearance, I am 27 male and I feel my appearance is quite ugly.


Jul 10, 2023
Are there any Australians out there who want to form a support group? With the possibility to meet up together as a group?

Who knows, maybe have a support group of friends might help us keep plodding along a little longer! Heck it might even spark some sort of desire to live.

I am indescribably lonely and I can't talk about the kind of issues discussed here with anyone without causing them distress. I'm open to forming supportive connections to anyone in any part of Australia. So if you have any interest - please reach out!!
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Nov 23, 2022

Not sure if I should post this here, or in a separate thread or something. Mods can delete this if needed.

Your post reminded me of a website I came across some time ago. 'Suicide Anonymous' (https://suicideanonymous.net/), akin to 'Alcoholics Anonymous'. They offer some documents and guidelines, under 'Readings and downloads', which could provide a framework for starting and maintaining such a group.

I have not done research on whether it is an effective approach though, or whether it can do more harm then good. But it can be worth looking into.
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Jul 14, 2023
F, early twenties. Looking for somebody to talk to who is focused on recovery. We can vent to each other or talk about anything.
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May 6, 2023
F, early twenties. Looking for somebody to talk to who is focused on recovery. We can vent to each other or talk about anything.
In case you didn't know - other users can't PM you yet. You need to make more posts and wait at least 24 hours.
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Jul 11, 2023
Anyone from. UK?
F, early twenties. Looking for somebody to talk to who is focused on recovery. We can vent to each other or talk about anything.
Where you from?
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life is unbearable
Jul 9, 2023
32, male, Greece
If anyone wants to talk (about anything) you can pm me.
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drugged up doll
Jun 1, 2023
27, nonbinary boy, vermont
currently in an rtc. looking for someone to talk to openly without fear of scaring each other. any gender is fine but queer/trans people preferred, or at least not a phobe. autism is a plus. dms are open 💗


Jun 28, 2019
Late twenties, F, Germany

(My German is not good though so if we can speak in English that would be great.)

Would love to chat to anyone who wants to recover.
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Everything i want for life is death
Apr 16, 2023
20 | F
Soy I'm looking for someone to talk and vent to each other (Warning I'm going to talk a lot)
I think that your not able to receve PM's for now, try make more posts or change your profile settings.


Jul 27, 2023
18 f
I'm on my way to recovery, now I have situations when panic attacks (most often I end it with cuts) and I want to find a person who will be ready to help me in this situation. In turn, I'm ready to help you!

I would also like to ask for a link to the discord


C'est la vie
Aug 10, 2023
19 – M
It would be more comfortable for me not to inform about the country I live in. I don't mind even if you are half the world away from me.

My goal is to get rid of my suicidal thoughts as I progress in my journey of recovery. I might be full of motivation at times but my darkest moments literally come out of nowhere.

I can say I'm a good listener but also I'll try my best to make you feel understood.


Jul 7, 2022
I'm looking for a recovery partner. I'm 27 years old. I am happy to share my gender and location with you via private message. I would prefer not to disclose more information about myself in public. Thank you for understanding.
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ᴶᵘˢᵗ ᵃ ˢʰᵉˡˡ ᵒᶠ ᵃ ᵇᵒᵈʸ ʷⁱᵗʰ ᵐᵃⁿʸ ᵐⁱⁿᵈˢ
Aug 5, 2023
• 18 years old, prefer those around my age, but don't discriminate

• Not comfortable stating birth sex on this thread, okay with any birth sex or gender

• Medically recognized with Complex Dissociative Identity Disorder, so gender may change with each alter, we can discuss privately how much each alter would have to disclose (name, age, etc) to make you comfortable if needed.

Typically only two alters (The host, "L" aka "S" who uses Ey/Em neopronouns, and Friend, who uses It/They pronouns) are active, anyway.

• Okay with anyone from any location, but I likely will not be able to meet in real life do to disabilities and the like


• Autism (do not feel comfortable with people who use terms like "high/low functioning" and "Aspergers," feel free to discuss)


•OCD (mostly contamination OCD, caused by a brain condition called PANS/PANDAS, which also causes tics/neurological issues)

• Anxiety, Depression

• CPTSD (from physical, emotional, and sexual abuse throughout childhood, I would prefer someone who has trauma from at least the latter, but not required)

• Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (which causes chronic fatigue/pain and many deformities of the spine, hip, and just body in general)

• Psoriasis (severe, covers most of my body)

• EDNOS (eating disorder)

• BPD with high narcissistic traits (because of my disorder, I don't feel comfortable around people who use narcissistic as an insult, or talk about narc abuse. Your trauma is valid, but I just don't feel comfortable around it due to being a recovering narc)

• Gender Dysphoria (mostly the host, who is transmasc nonbinary)

• Lupus (not sure, but very likely, is causing major health problems)


• The disorders that I would like my partner to share the most are DID (especially C-DID/polyfragmentation), NPD or narcissistic traits, PANS/PANDAS, CPTSD, Gender Dysphoria, and, to a lesser extent, BPD. None of these are required, though.

• I feel extra comfortable around queer and trans people, and/or those who have complex identities (microlabels, neopronouns, xenogenders, etc), but, again, not required.

Feel free to ask about anything stated in this post (even questions about my disorders) in private messages! I'm an open book.
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Feb 11, 2022
60 m southeast US
I have just lost my girlfriend of 7 years, have cancer for the second time, and anxiety problems. Would love to have someone to talk to about health, relationships and anxiety issues.
Hi , Are you still on this site? I don't know how to send a pm. Thamks


here but not here
Apr 19, 2023
Looking for a partner to just be able to support / seek support from. Perhaps also keep tabs on each other's general emotions and day to day.

I'm 22F, comfortable with same age, any gender, just want a connection with someone to help me through the multiple grieving processes I'm going through rn. Thank you heart ❤️
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Aug 12, 2023
18 | M - Italy

I'm a great listener and motivator.

Status: still free
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Aug 8, 2023
36m, Germany, looking for female recovery partner. I do have a job and a car, if that matters.

If you want to talk, vent or whatever let me know :)
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Apr 12, 2023
19M, somewhere in the greater Chicago area. I honestly want a partner to recover with, and that includes taking things like shrooms and LSD on the path to recovery.


May 31, 2022
30 f uk.
Recovering shutin/agoraphobe. Looking for someone to talk to/support after a recent attempt. Trying my best to 'heal' currently, would be nice to connect with someone doing the same.


May 24, 2023
28 guy from France,
under medication for depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts, trying to get better but struggling as I don’t have a lot of people to talk to. No real life friends and don’t see family often. Kinda shy, introverted and recluse but trying to go out more. Willing to discuss your, mine or both of our problems with anyone else.


Nowhere to go...
Aug 22, 2023
20 years old, M, from Latin America.
Any gender. Preferably between 18-30 years old.
To be honest, I'm not seeking support. I simply want to have conversations with someone about common things or problems. It's a way for me to distract my mind from my thoughts.

A bit about me:
  • I'm a NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training).
  • I have ADHD.
  • I exhibit some antisocial traits.
  • I struggle with depression.
  • I'm shy and introverted in real life, but I also deal with social anxiety.
  • I'm a loner.
  • I have agoraphobia.
  • My therapist has described me as misanthropic.
  • Some people find me boring in real life.
  • I experience splitting, which involves idealization and devaluation of others.
  • I can be impulsive.
  • I have few hobbies due to my tendency to hyperfocus.
  • I'm a daydreamer.
  • Some people have referred to me as a "Bible writer" because I write a lot.

Please feel free to message me and talk about anything. No matter what you think, and don't be afraid if you're shy or have social anxiety.