Mar 14, 2023
Warning: Blanket statements ahead:

Call it hunch. But if you weigh in that:

- many people here are young
- many here are transgender
- many here are unmarried women or women in failing marriages thus they are not aligned with a conservative husband

then it would point to this site being leaning more leftwing.

But also, I think that it is simply more of a Leftist thing to want control over your own life and death and to push boundaries. Rightwingers are more about "doing what's morally right for society even if it pains you", "you have no right over your life as you have responsibilities", "God hates suicide so you should lean on him more for help", etc. Aren't rightwingers against both abortion and euthanasia?

Ofc there are probably a handful of single men here like myself who are centre-right or even fully rightwing. These tend (but not always) to be men who feel that social and political trends (Especially the F one. I won't say it) left them disenfranchised.
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Dead Ghost

Dead Ghost

Mestre del Temps
May 6, 2022
I'm not even going to vote, I'm apolitical...
Jo ni tan sols vaig pas a votar, sóc apolític...
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May 24, 2023
Well usually very religious people are on the right so all the prolifers/ CTB is a sin would not be there. A lot of suicides are linked to LGBT+ bullying and identity crisis, and those are usually left leaning because the right kinda want to limit their right at best, torture them into lgbt camps conversion at worse. Also right to die is usually a left leaning concern mostly


She dreams of eternal sleep
Sep 24, 2020
There is a whole section for politics in offtopic, I don’t get why people on here often post threads that belong in other sections in the suicide discussion. People don’t come on the suicide discussion to read about politics, this section is for the discussion of suicide.
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Feb 1, 2023
i don't think the fact that there's a lot of lgbt+ people make this site "political" in the traditional sense (left right dichotomy). it's just that reality is shitty to a lot of lgbt+ people, including trans people.

this site, however, is conspicuously political because it is pro choice, a position that is rejected by the majority of politicians "of all sides".

this site is just the direct reflection of the current societal situation. it is political, but politics are not restricted to the "left - right spectrum" as you seem to imply if i understand you correctly.
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The glow is an illusion
Mar 22, 2023
My death is not your politics. Keep the political and ideological baloney to off-topic please.
Float On Okay

Float On Okay

May 13, 2020
It depends on how you define the political spectrum; it has become very convoluted.

Traditionally, the left-wing are radicals (liberals) and the right-wing are opposed to radicalism (conservatives). According to the traditional left-right paradigm, most people on this site are leftists. The problem with the conventional way of thinking is people with vastly different radical economic views (such as a free-market libertarian and a socialist) are put into the same political category, even though they disagree significantly politically.

On a modern political spectrum, if you use the political compass, for example, the left-right paradigm is based on economic positions, where the left-wing promotes economic equality and the right-wing promotes individualism. Based on this spectrum, most people on this site probably would be left-wing. I assume many people here believe that societal greed and individualism (i.e., capitalism) have been malevolent forces in their lives.

I'm probably far-right, according to the modern paradigm.
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An overwhelming sense of being violated
Nov 5, 2022
I find that the best thing to do is to abstain from choosing an affiliation/accepting one side's ideas as a package deal, and instead, view each issue as it's own unique topic, calling for one to apply reason and logic to get to the closest unbiased truth possible. That being said, I understand that researching individual topics takes time and most people aren't going to have the time to put in so much effort to reach a fully informed conclusion. The important point that I'm trying to communicate is that following your party's cue, heedless of critical thought is not a good idea. It's nice to look to others to gather information but the two party system seems a bit mindless at times.