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Nov 10, 2020
I struggle with bulimia so being bulimic is my way of self-harm. It used to be because of my body image issues, but now I'm doing it because I feel like self-punishment is the only thing I have control over.


Nov 29, 2020
Many of the ones mentioned above

I used to cut my thighs.
I used to starve myself for days.
I used to hit my arms until they were bruised.
I used to drink way too much until I had a blackout.
I used to crush up pills and take them all at once.

Nowadays I thankfully only do lots of physical activity (as a way to cope with everything) and have slight anorexic tendencies.
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lobster salad

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Aug 27, 2020
I strike the same spot on my arm over and over again for an hour with a dull serrated blade. It leaves a lovely bloody scratch. Sometimes I do it in a way to write/carve/draw something there, although my art isn’t the best. Also I tear my hair out, hair on my body that isn’t covered by clothing is just ripped off when im down (often) so nobody knows. Another thing I do is pop every single Whitehead I see on my body. As u may expect, my body is in shambles now from these coping activities. Well im not on meds so I guess it aint too bad? Doing other stuff doesn’t really help as much as self distraction with physical pain, that’s for me.


Jun 28, 2019
Cutting or burning with a cigarette or a lighter. Picking at any scratches or pimples. Peeling the skin from my lips, feet, and around the fingernails. Biting the inside of my mouth until it bleeds. Kicking a wall. (But I don't anymore because it's too noisy and I broke my big toe once lol.) Taking a very hot shower ---> this is the safest one, and if anyone is considering self harm, please do this first. It may defeat the urge. Cold shower could work too. Vigorous exercise is another safe and even healthy one!
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Nov 19, 2020
I starve myself. But when it gets worse i would knock my head off. The lightheadness distracts me from my panic attacks.

Thankfully its a bit better now. Having more people around doesnt really give me the privacy to do so.


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Oct 7, 2020
I have never harmed myself out of depression. Though I occasionally have bad thoughts about myself like "I'm a loser", "I'm a retard", "I'll always be an outcast" and so on. Not sure if that counts but I might consider that mental self harm because that shit hurts, too.


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Jan 5, 2020
I used to cut myself, and only do it very sporadically. I have to admit that I bruise myself nearly everyday, in the shower (I just started doing it there and never stopped).