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Sep 23, 2022
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with or without me
Nov 1, 2021
Fear. Desperation. I need to move on Sunday, there is s lot of work to be done and my only desire is to distract myself with my phone.

I'm a recovering addict and my addiction to substances now presents as an internet addiction.
ever so lonely

ever so lonely

terry joseph williams
Apr 17, 2022
no am emotion per se, but a strong mixture of powerlessness and hopelessness, it is freaking awful to try and break that mental mindset, anxiety too crippling anxiety man, cant do this nomore, it is nigh impossible, to break our mental anguish man, stuck in a rut and cant see a future, i look ahead and see yet more pain and misery, i need out peeps desperately, i just lack the courage, i have my method but i keep dilly dallying, nothing to live for, keep telling myself that, most people detest me irl, and avoid me, i am so lonely, and in my head, which is a very tormented and dark place, overwhelmed and consumed by my thoughts as tho my thoughts have become me, i wish si wasnt a thing, isnt it enough we suffer so much in this existence, and then at the point of exit some of us simply cant do it, and if we ever do go through with it we will never know if we achieved the holy grail or not, so messed up peeps, so in closing hopeless and defeated and utterly worthless, thanks for reading, peace and love to everybody, there isnt enough of genuine empathy and love on this godforsaken planet.
S like suicide

S like suicide

Apr 29, 2021
It is an awful day today for me so i felt more than one strong emotion,but a mix of emotions...Deep hate and deep despair and also anger
Deep sadness and deep lonliness
Strong suicidal ideation and resignation...i truly think i rocked the bottom at the lowest level


Oct 11, 2022
Ngl, some confusion

Actually participating here has been pushing my boundaries a chunk. I've had to revisit some deep emotions I thought I'd ditched, and opened my eyes to the vast spectrum of pains and traumas beyond my little pity prison. Bumped up against some political attitudes that I'd deride or dismiss out there, but which have to be taken seriously in this context.

This has to be the rawest realest internet community I know, and with all the vulnerability here comes so much responsibility to care. It's tough, honest work and I'm grateful to yall. Let's keep listening to and loving eachother


Jul 3, 2019
Not sure how to live withotu weed. I took other stuff today - more prescription stuff. Like every day is what can I take to get through the day.

Emotion is kind of blank, right now just feel wasted. As I had a glass of wine with whatever else I took today. I also managed to sleep till 3 or 4pm, so have not been awake that long.

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