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Is there a meaning to anything?
Jun 29, 2023
My pfp is a character from the manga Fire Punch. I really liked her. She was a girl who couldnt die because of regenerative powers and the only thing she longed for were movies. She also wanted to be a man, but couldnt achieve that because of the apocaliptic setting of the manga. Spoiler: In the end she commits suicide by setting herself on fire by the main character whos flames are fast enough to kill her, as she realised that her dream of making her own movie is gone.


compulsory breathing torture (cbt)
Oct 9, 2023
my name comes from another name i used for a reddit alt i used for r/MadeOfStyrofoam.

my pfp is really just a stupid meme of the character Basil from the game OMORI, which is my favourite story game of all time.

Basil is a character i deeply relate to in many ways, and he generally seems so sweet and loving that he just became my favourite character from that game.


Jul 9, 2023
filth is a username that ive been using forever, it felt fitting on other things and it felt fitting here. My profile picture is of a tree in my backyard, i liked how the leaves were changing, felt kinda poetic. Fleabag is a character and show that i love a lot


And you know, for you, I'd bleed myself dry
Mar 7, 2023
i'm a kpop fan and i like aespa, and almondmilk comes from my old twt account
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death will be my ultimate bliss
Oct 29, 2023
I literally, well, I literally just wish I was dead. As for my pfp, I feel like the fact that it's unchanged from the default pfp reflects my personality really well as I lack the energy to change it and, additionally, I got nothing I want to change it to as I don't really have any interests in anything.

I'd say that I'm a shell of a person but, if I'm being honest, I'm way worse than that
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Aug 27, 2023
i love cats. sad cats are my favorite subgenre of internet cat subculture (thus the crying cat and teddy bear in photo). For username, it is from my existencial inability to have control over my life nor experience it fully.
heres an example of my beloved sadcat subculture. its grief is tantamount to my daily tribulations i succumb to.
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God hates me
Jun 27, 2023
My name is random nonsense and I chose my pfp because I love signalis. :)


Dreaming Of Being Buried
Nov 7, 2023
My name's meaning for this forum is:

Saudade (English: /saʊˈdɑːdə/,[1] European Portuguese: [sɐwˈðaðɨ], Galician: [sawˈðaðɪ]; plural saudades)[2] is an emotional state of melancholic or profoundly nostalgic longing for a beloved yet absent something or someone. It is often associated with a repressed understanding that one might never encounter the recipient of longing ever again. It is a recollection of feelings, experiences, places, or events— often illusive —[citation needed]​ that cause a sense of separation from the exciting, pleasant, or joyous sensations they once caused. It derives from the Latin word for solitude.[3]

Nascimento and Meandro (2005)[4] cite Duarte Nunes Leão's definition of saudade: "Memory of something with a desire for it."

In Brazil, the day of Saudade is officially celebrated on 30 January.[5][6] It is not a widely acknowledged day in Portugal.

from wikipedia lmao
"Vesiira" is actually a name I made for a dragon character I would write in these stories when I was a kid. I always came up with weird, unique names for them. Vesiira was the one name I always liked the most, so it's my username for a lot of profiles now!
The profile pic is just a gif of an anime girl crying, because it describes how I feel inside in a nutshell! 😅😁💜


Freedom seeker
Nov 8, 2023
I picked this name because the site wouldn't let me use FUCK.


Jun 28, 2023
my name is based on a monocromatic color, or a colorless (as some people claim black/white arent colors) hue. i really like guro art and gore in general (in a artistic sense) so thats why i chose my current pfp !! however, my username was almost NoLongerHuman, which is a book written by Osamu Dazai
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Jul 22, 2022
My profile pic is a representation of how it feels to be male. My name is a representation of who I am.


Social reject
Sep 10, 2023
My profile picture shows the person I named myself after. That's Tokugawa Yoshinobu, the last Shogun of Japan. I just kind of like him and find interesting as a historical figure.


Nov 12, 2023
Both names are a nicknames+a name i use on all socials really the pfp is random but i just thought it was nice art


Just Existing
Sep 27, 2023
My name is blurry buildings because I see a lot of blurry buildings everywhere I go. In my profile picture you can view a lot of these blurry buildings in full color and experience the blurriness first hand (in 144p Ultra SD of course) :sunglasses:


in pursuit of freedom
Nov 26, 2023
I'm a doll collector with a big focus on Monster High. My favorite character in the new generation of it is Lagoona, since I relate a lot to her, and I'm ready to go. Plus, I like 60s fashion and it made me think about gogo boots.
omg me too!!! i am doll collector too hi :D


I'm Ben.
Oct 31, 2023
I guess I might have chosen Ben from Blue Velvet because he's so himself. Which is something I can't do.

Also his lip-sync scene is perhaps the best scene I've ever seen in any movie.

The name doesn't mean anything, it's auto-generated. I'll rename myself when I can.


terminally online
Nov 25, 2023
My pic is ghost type pokemon. My name reffers to my belief that Earth is a prison for souls.


Dec 8, 2023
for my account picture, i love video games.
and for my account name, the "how do" question always feels like asking something exaggeratedly dumbly which is funny to me and as for the logout part, well in part again because of video games and in part because if i were to ctb i would have found out how to logout of this unsatisfying game called life.


Jul 10, 2023
gbi - German Bold Italic

It is a song by Towa Tei and Kylie Minogue. I have the CD single. What I find intriging about it is the title. German Bold Italic isn't anything. It isn't a font like you might think, it is just 3 word put together.

I find it interesting how it came about, and like an analogy to life, that something can be brought into existence purely for the purpose of someone profiting from it's creation for it to then be discarded and forgotten when it is no longer making money for the owner. It wasn't intended to live a long time, just long enough for the benefits to be had.

2 - When I first signed up to SS, I was thinking about what my therapist said about including to much detail when I explained things to people. So when I signed up and was asked to type my reason for joining, I kept it short and to the point. My first sign up attempt was rejected for not being detailed enough and I thought "ffs" I can't win. I didn't come back for a few days or a week or so and when I tried again I just added the number 2 because it was my second go at signing up.


fruit ninja irl
Oct 25, 2023
My name: childrens logic game
I love logic puzzles and I still feel like a child at heart; out of place and overwhelmed in this fast-paced adult world.
My pfp: just some cute bears♡
I often hide my mental health issues behind my 'love' of cute things irl, and its funny how something everyone thinks is so innocent is really just masquerading something darker. Just kinda sums me up pretty well. Call me emo ig


Aug 19, 2019
Trapped in underland.. the ever-changing need to conform... she had to consume to make herself smaller or taller. Catch 22 is kind of self-explanatory.


I wish I could delete my trauma...
Aug 10, 2021
Dumb question, how do I change my quote/title thingy under my username again? Haven't been active here in 3yrs so I forgot :/ My pfp is from when I was mentally fucked, I guess I just liked the way the blood comes out of her eyes or something. I do kinda feel like I still relate somehow from how it feels like my body is bleeding from the suffering I endure every day due to my anxiety, ngl tho.
Dumb question, how do I change my quote/title thingy under my username again? Haven't been active here in 3yrs so I forgot :/ My pfp is from when I was mentally fucked, I guess I just liked the way the blood comes out of her eyes or something. I do kinda feel like I still relate somehow from how it feels like my body is bleeding from the suffering I endure every day due to my anxiety, ngl tho.

Username is bc back then I was still crying for help bc I still belived help existed, for me at least. Nowadays I'm only crying to ctb tbh, so it's kinda ironic, but that's not a big deal to me.