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Oct 15, 2023
Humans are social creatures. Being able to talk about suicide in a way that is truly impossible with my friends, family, or healthcare professionals is very much helpful to me. It's an isolating frame of mind that people that haven't been there before just don't understand.


Oct 26, 2023
This is just a projection. There are a lot of organizations whose only function is to waste resources. Somehow these "non-profit" organizations are always the most corrupt. In the end it is still just a business, and this here is cutting into their profits.

Speaking of wasting resources, something I found confusing was an email warning me that the Canadian government is ditching its pocketwell app and website which was to support mental health and drug addiction. They did very little to advertise it and decided to simply axe it. I think its done in a month or so after only existing for maybe 2 years. I deleted the email so I can't remember the exact date.

So they likely spent millions in developing these things and decided to scrap it and say screw you to anyone that used it. Though maybe it wasn't being used at all. I did check it out and it didn't offer much. I figured they'd at least try to improve it since we don't have support for these issues to begin with.

But its kind of interesting that they would slam a support site like this one while shutting down their own. If this site bothers them, then perhaps the logical approach would be to lure people looking for support back to their own site. I mean the reason we are here is because we are all looking for support because it doesn't exist elsewhere. (I still wouldn't use whatever they came up with but my still point stands i think lol)


fruit ninja irl
Oct 25, 2023
This site has given me a community i can connect with on a deeper level, without having to worry about being patronized or preached to. Its also saved me a lot of pain by helping realize my chosen method was dangerous and ineffective. So i've avoided some serious bullets because of this website. I wish people would actually look at the good this site does instead of just seeing the word "suicide" and immediately wanting to shut it down.(I know its more complicated but it certainly feels that way doesn't it.) I love you guys


New Member
Jan 13, 2024
I'm chronically ill and in a lot of daily pain. This site helped me acquire a peaceful method to exit this life if and when I choose to do so, and for that I'm than
What method did you go with?


π™Žπ˜Ύπ™π™€π™’π™€π˜Ώ 𝕓π•ͺ π”½π•’π•šπ•π•–π•• 𝔸π•₯π•₯π•–π•žπ•‘π•₯
Feb 9, 2024
At first glance, I was appalled by it's existence. I didn't see it for what it was until I started delving into the forums and witnessed the sense of community. But, i explored my own internal biases and reminded myself of the sense of loneliness I've experienced. I saw that they provided spaces for recovery and supports on both sides of the fence.

Despite the fact that we have mental health days and people screaming from the rooftops about all of the supports that are available...

Most of those people haven't been through the mental health system. They haven't experienced the relentless waitlists. They haven't sat in front of a cold, unsympathetic psychiatrist that brushes off your words, your pleas, your tears, your experiences. They haven't hadn't their motives questioned by doctors or their dignity taken from them during 72 hour holds, limited medication supplies and judgemental pharmacists.

I was on a year long waitlist at the point when I made my most detrimental attempt. Only days before, they told me it could be a number of months until I'd see the psychiatrist when I called them. Of course they rushed me in when it was too late.

When you are out of options, you've settled on your decision, you're unwavering and won't be talked out of it... It is the loneliest, most frustrating existence. Every time you express yourself, attempt to explain yourself you are usually met with one of a number of options...
β€’ A Psychiatric Hold
β€’ An Emotional Argument
β€’ A List of Unresourceful Resources
β€’ More Pain

If you're a loved one affected by suicide please consider that it takes a great deal of pain to bring someone here. This website is not necessary in order to find resources to take your life; there are endless alternative options online for methods or support to do it. What I've found in this website is a sense of community I have yet to experience before. It's given me such relief.

This website, this community is allowing me to have someone there at the end. Regardless of your feelings, this is going to/ did happen. Would you prefer that we spent our final days, our final moments experiencing a complete sense of loneliness.


Mar 15, 2019
This site truly helped me a lot, in 2 important ways

It allowed me to understand the different methods and risks of CTB. Before coming to this forum, I would of easily been naive and thought many methods of CTB was simple and straight forward, leading to potential risk of long-term damage or being disabled if done incorrectly. Now I am much more aware and cautious

It is also the last place I can come to rant and vent, and also hear about other people's similar stories, to feel less alone and feel some meaningful connection, since we're experiencing similar things. Also to validate I am not crazy to think in certain ways, simply because society brainwashes us to only obey their ways of thinking

After being on this forum a few years, I don't know what I'd do without this community. I am very grateful for it


May 13, 2023
Thank you Rain for posting this, takes a great deal of courage i think.

It's a safe haven, so the answer is obvious.
People trying to fight against suicide are _not_ suicidal and alienate us on top of that...how can they do something?

As weird as it seems...Not feeling alone in our suffering helps...trying to comfort the others in return helps too...that's a whole grand thing in here where every act allow the next to happens, in some sort of virtuous circle.
Even if we take a step up and goes into methods territory, a lot of people here got their method, prepared it, but never did it...because the fact alone of knowing to have an exit door allowed them to feel secure and get another try at life.
On the grimmest side of it, those who succeeded because of / thank to this site were allowed to pass without failing and thus being a vegetable / suffering for eternity wich is the WORST could happens for everyone (the suicidee - his relatives, friends, etc)...who would wish that. Yeah, i'm talking extremes here, but that"s how life is : extreme.


Sep 16, 2023
This forum helps me because I would've had a serious attempt very recently without it. This website makes me hyperaware of all the ways I could have easily fucked it all up and survived. Ironically SaSu is keeping me alive. So yeah I guess in a way its technically helping. Just not in the way I would like it to. It's informative to say the least. Also makes me realize I'm not alone in a lot of ways. Especially the incels on here haha. Makes me feel better about being a femcel


Feb 25, 2023
People here actually understand my life-long suffering, which - whether I like it or not is a part of who I am. I have found a peace in that that I didn't think was possible, I didn't know there were so many other people that I could understand intrinsically like this either.

I have made transient and lasting connections with people here on a very deep emotional level and even though I can't be around often right now I consider it a vital part of my support structure.

I'm sick of being spoken over by these abusive medical pieces of trash, I'm sick of being denied autonomy, summarily detained, assaulted, publicly humiliated by people who refuse to grant me even the most basic human dignity.

People deserve community, including us.
Especially us, really. Considering how we're targeted by the police, for involuntary hospitalisation, with abusive conversion therapy, and discriminated against in basically every stage and aspect of life.

Suicidal people are so marginalised I haven't seen our voices represented anywhere that other people talk about us. Not even a token one time has any of these so-called "experts" actually listened to a suicidal person.
In a civilised society, a huge dude walking up to a random girl on the street and just picking her up and carrying her away without her consent would be rightly considered violating, creepy, and unacceptable behaviour; right? Interrupting my suicide like this instead gets him called a fucking hero.
We're treated like children by society at best, and no one even stops to question if maybe grown ass men just... shouldn't grab random girls at all.

We don't just deserve community imo, we need it. This place has provided peace and closure for people who otherwise would've never been given that before their death.
Even for the pro-lifer's perspective: I have seen so many people come here when they had nothing, being treated like trash by these mental health and suicide "experts", and got just enough of a safety net and support structure in their lives to have the emotional equity to re-evaluate their decision, because everyone here takes their right to make it seriously and with respect.
It's good to see people recover in my opinion, I don't think life itself has inherent value, but in my ideal world everyone would have a reason to value their own. It makes me happy when I see people leave this forum because they end up actually liking living; no one wants to suffer, it's just a fact of the awful human experience. If they hadn't had this community, and were instead involuntarily hospitalised and forced to go through long, traumatic, invasive, and violating "treatment", I wonder if they would've had the emotional equity to think about it critically in the end; I doubt it.

Suicidal people being so isolated from anyone who has the potential to understand us -- and not demean or infantilise us, to treat us with some fucking dignity and respect -- is as harmful to us than any one of these other forced measures to keep us surviving no matter what that these "experts" enforce. Measures that just axiomatically assume life has some intrinsic objective value beyond what the person who's life it is judges that value to be, just because their own has value to them and they are willfully ignorant of any other perspective.
They just care about numbers, statistics, not the human beings being hurt by their shit.

TL;DR: This site benefits me a lot. It filled a vital hole in my support structure, I have met a lot of interesting people here, even someone I now consider a very close friend, and I fucking hate the arrogance of these self-righteous pro-lifers who think they are entitled to decide how our lives play out on their moral crusade to forcefully deny us any autonomy, community, respect, or just basic human decency.

Thank you for keeping this place around Rain, I don't imagine it's easy for you at all.


Dec 26, 2023
everywhere i go, there are people who think suicide is cowardly. being here has made me realize i was never truly alone, and having a whole community of people who feel the same as i do really helps. without this site i think i would have lived the rest of my life with no way out, dreading every moment, having no way of relief.


Aug 16, 2023
You're asking me to put what happened in the last 15 years of my life into a few sentences.
I swear I tried for a couple of hours, but it's impossible.

Long story short, this website made me realize that I'm not ready and I don't really mean it, therefore it greatly improved my life.

That's the best way that I can explain the events of the past 15 years of my life.
Thank you for providing the support, specially that it's free of any charge.
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Just Hangin’ Around
Jan 27, 2024
I lurked on this website for quite a few months before making an account. I find it to be very comforting knowing other people feel the same way I do. I like watching people interact & enjoy the sense of community here.


unhappy go lucky grl
Jun 10, 2023
I do genuinely find the mere existence of this website so so comforting. I have a very different and some would argue wrong and unhealthy way of thinking & seeing the world. I am open about it and I rarely almost never get support or any sort of understanding. That alone discourages me enough to not believe in anything honestly. I hate people, I hate life. So being able to have a place where I can express myself and be supported or at least understood- and see others feel the same way or alike, keeps me sane. Just a little bit sane. Enough for me to believe and have hope and faith that I can have the life I so badly want and very much deserve, because I'm not the only person on Earth who suffers the way I do.

I have absolutely zero knowledge on how SanctionedSuicide came to be. I am just seriously happy to be here.


Sep 16, 2021
The idea that this site could benefit people or the idea it could harm people are not mutually exclusive concepts. This simple distinction should be obvious. Denial of this fact seems at best uncritcal and at worst disingenuous.

I think this unnuanced poll being so laughably one sided undermines any point trying to be made here. It is not suprising people on the outside don't take this place seriously. I'm not saying it's fair, but definitely not suprising. Saying there is no potential benefit to this forum is as untrue as saying there is no potential harm.


Jan 28, 2024
This website is very helpful to me. I often read threads about partial hanging. I am from China, where online discussions about suicide are heavily banned and we do not have any chance to find useful information of suicide. However, on this website, I have found many people in the same situation like me, and we comfort each other, it is heartwarming.
I am not a native speaker, there may be issues in my expression, please forgive me.


My pain isn't yours to harvest.
Feb 13, 2024
The idea that this site could benefit people or the idea it could harm people are not mutually exclusive concepts. This simple distinction should be obvious. Denial of this fact seems at best uncritcal and at worst disingenuous.

Saying there is no potential benefit to this forum is as untrue as saying there is no potential harm.
The OP is a response to the specific claim of "there is no value to this site, it doesn't benefit anyone".


New Member
Feb 16, 2024
New here. Struggling with incureable contagious disease and the only thing I find comfort in would be to have some kind of substance available to me that I can exit my life with whenever I want.

I find that the site is really hard to navigate though and finding what I really want to research or getting my questions answered seems hard.

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