Nov 24, 2020
Note: Because the staff doesn't allow me to refer to any legitimate sources, I'll use some allusion instead.

Inspired by the Peanut Project explained in the book written by Dr. N, I've decided to hire 3 university students majoring in chemistry and 1 majoring in pharmacy in an attempt to produce pentobarbital. I'm aware the chance of success would be higher had I hired established professionals, but it wasn't easy to get their cooperation for some obvious reasons.

As expected, the project isn't exactly a smooth sailing, but we keep going anyway. So far I've completed approx 60% of the equipment procurement. There's still much to do but I'm determined to go through with the plan. After all I don't want the money I've invested to be wasted without even seeing some result.

Wish me luck, guys.


Apr 26, 2020
In before train wreck. While I doubt the veracity of this post, if you are in the US, you have hired 4 accomplices to produce a drug with the same DEA scheduling as methamphetamine for the purposes of committing a crime (distribution, accessory to death), and have posted about it here. (If not in the US, you may have hired people to produce a drug with an even worse scheduling).

what could possibly go wrong. @Marquis @Hass this doesn’t seem beneficial to the site...
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