Jun 12, 2020
Family and maybe a friend or two. But I'm sure dozens of my "Facebook friends" will claim to love me so so much and be sad they never got to tell me how much they loved me while alive. Ya know, typical "everyone loves you when you're dead" rhetoric.


Feb 11, 2020
I always thought no, but then I was absent from college on Monday and loads of people were like "oh my god, where were you, are you okay?" Also I live in a small town and loads of people always recognise me and say hi. I think there's more people that would miss you than you think


Mar 22, 2020
As for "really caring", I bet only my father and brother would. They'd mourn for ages.

As for my few friends left and rest of my family, they'd be like meh! Maybe they'd post something on their facebook saying I was a better person than Jesus Christ and that's it.


Words are quite useless, and so am I.
Oct 22, 2020
Yes... but I have already told them that this will happen with a great deal of certainty. It took them around 2 years to "accept", and by that I mean that they know but won't try to stop me. I had came out to my parents as gay 6 years ago and while there are many important differences between that and telling your parents that you are choosing to die, I see that there was a similarity in how their ideas changed very slowly (and the first months were, oh boy, very messy and emotionally violent) and how they eventually came around to at least try to understand me. My parents are deeply religious and I knew this would mess a lot with our family, and still does in a smaller scale, but I chose not to hide any of this from them. And now I'm glad I didn't. I know they will be devasted when I go, but honestly, if they love me, they should let me go and respect my choice. I have been living in hell for 6 years now, every single day, (and not because of any of this) and I have come around the notion that this is what I truly want for me. I still a little doubtful, but it's very likely that I will CBT this year.

As my friends go, they all know, they all care (not as deeply as my family probably, but I know they still care) but all of them have a very progressive mindset so they are all ok with me choosing to die.
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Mar 27, 2020
My father will probably be hurt but will get over it. My brother and my sister would maybe care for a day but then they'd get back to whatever they were doing.
I have a friend I met here who told me he'd be devastated.


Apr 26, 2020
My sisters would care and my nephews would care.

I know my Dad would care, but I haven't spoken to him in a few years so it may not effect him as badly. All he really cares about is money.

I have some acquaintances scattered around who may become sad. It is actually probably a lot of people now that I think of it.

Disco Biscuit

Mar 1, 2020
I don't have any friends or close family so my passing won't exactly leave a hole in anyone's life. I'm free to leave so it's just a case of finding the right time. I've been mentally preparing myself for a long time now and I have everything I need. I'm about to spend Christmas, New Year and then my birthday alone so that might be enough.

I recently did a test online and it said I'm very likely to have Asperger's. I was thinking about getting a proper diagnosis but I guess it won't really change anything or make my life better. I think it explains why I have no friends though and that makes me feel slightly better.
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Dec 1, 2020
I'm sure some people would pretend to care. Crying their crocodile tears and using standard phrases like "Oh there was nothing that I could have done better, he had problems"
If anyone actually cared they'd help me now and not let me suffer on my own.
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Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Dec 4, 2020
Yes .. I have people who care and would care but as I tried to explain to one who drove 3hrs to see me yesterday (without informing me they were coming) I dont have the mental emotional or physical capacity to care that they care or how they feel at the moment.
I sent them home angry and bewildered and there was a 'me' once that would have tried to make it ok for them but that person is gone.