Aponia & Ataraxia

Aponia & Ataraxia

Jun 24, 2018
Enjoy (^_^)

*Side Note: I'll be double-bagging my exit bag hood. The large oven bag is far too crinkly for my taste and presents a [slight] risk for puncture --this is a liability worth rectifying IMO. A thicker plastic with more elasticity would be ideal (then again, a specially-engineered partial face mask which would leave one's head and eyes free, would be truly ideal).
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Apr 7, 2018
I'm afraid all the deepest & most sciency videos in the world won't make pulling that trigger any easier, at least for me anyhow. Only when the pains of life become downright excruciating can the fear of death be finally overcome. It's diabolical, it's insidious, it's evil. Like having to crawl along a path of broken glass, used syringes, and rusty razor blades just to reach the exit door. This crude animal biology makes it impossible to avoid, unfortunately. Anyway, sorry for the tangent. I'm sure someone here will get some much needed insight out of one these.

As far as deconstructing our fear of death and the many delusions we've instinctually created as a species to avoid confronting it, Sheldon Solomon is king. Highly recommend checking him out.