Dec 10, 2020
alot of people cant understand what your going through

im really sorry about your bf :(
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May 13, 2020
Whole lot of pain and difficulty with doing basic things for myself, and being refused help to the point where I had to get hold of painkillers illegally.

And the constant horrible memories brought back by almost everything I do, see, hear or think about. I can forget a conversation I had 30 seconds ago, but those are here to stay.
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Apr 5, 2020
I’m probably going to be homeless
I’m going to get old and sick
I’m probably never going to find love

Why continue, knowing all of this? And I’ve already suffered enough, and I haven’t “grown” from any of it, it has just made me not want to live even more.


Dec 1, 2020
i never had a relationship at last you had something


Dec 25, 2018
I realized that I can't feel any personal connection with anyone anymore, and every year it gets worse. I used to feel like I connected with people and was understood but that was usually false and I got taken advantage of, especially my own family. Then a few times I became the one that broke trust.
Now I can't really feel trust for anyone or anything. I just see right through everything, which makes me feel slightly more protected but also lays bare how alone I really am. Yet, I can't really justify that I don't deserve it at this point.
I can no longer even muster up the motivation to try and learn skills or accomplish anything anymore because there's no longer any reward that even appeals to me anymore. I have a human need to be a part of a social group and have friends but I also know most people really suck (including myself) and I'm afraid to even try.
I feel like an alien that's just trying to avoid pain, not contributing anything of value or deriving any value from what I cost. Every year I see myself become more of an unlikable crank, and I can't stop it even when I try.
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Dec 18, 2019
Because I’m a sickly eunuch despite being in my early twenties with parents that drug the everloving crap out of me and care nothing for the impact it has on my health or state of mind.


You can feel the punishment but you cant commit ts
Jun 29, 2020
Because there never was anything remotely approaching a "good purpose" here.

Just because chemical molecules can form into machines... and then copy themselves and "evolve".... in no way makes life a "good thing". Remember, life literally invented torture (and death).

The universe has no problem we're here to solve: All the problems we solve are ones created by our existing in the first place. And, to create problems/needs that we then need to solve is about the dumbest, least intelligent function there can possibly be.

And for what? So we can eat ice cream, lie in a bed made 100% of pillows, feel orgasms, and experience "love"? [All our "pleasures" have "ulterior motives" which are not exactly honorable... haven't you noticed??]
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