Dec 28, 2018
Sorry for necro'ing the thread, but can anyone else from Germany still reach the site at all? İt's not accessible for me unless I use a VPN. Screenshot 20220816 125659
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Apr 26, 2020
Hello dears, I have also used other secure browsers. is one That’s also based in Germany

Startpage . com is another

There’s been talk of DuckDuckGo not being true to their promise. Search “DuckDuckGo reviews “ for some,

Hugs xx
The Mute Viking

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Oct 10, 2018
Current German legistration regarding this is absolutely fucking bonkers.
The once great nation that so many respected is a jester of it's former self.


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Feb 10, 2023
Our site's search results have been completely removed for German users for being "illegal" (citation needed) and we were never notified about it. I had to go look for myself on Germany search results and I didn't see the website when I searched it.

Upon further investigation, I stumbled upon a thread here that referred to a site being illegal and it is from the search results, but it didn't mention a URL or name of the website. We now know that it is referring to our website and we will be contacting Google inquiring about this. A notification is the least they could do if you're going to block an entire countries population from viewing a website, a first world country at that. It also seems that the website was removed under the guise of it being "for the children" as it references in the complaint that our site was illegal according to "German Youth Law"

Germany seems to be the only country that has taken this course of action. I just wanted to let you all know that this has been confirmed by myself.

We should make some “pathways” to get here for when other countries ban this site in results if they do.
Some steps I would say are; make a tumblr, twitter, and insta that has the link to the site saved, or attached to a linktree. Or a “gateway” of a site, where the mods of this sub, and maybe other mental health subs(like the ed-support forum), come together to make one link/site that just links you to the various sites and forums.
Perhaps making a backup site or 2, or try merging with another mental health forum site entirely
Or try changing the name of the forum to something without “suicide” in the name to gain less attention from authorities, such as “Selfhelp Sanctuary”, keep the SS as a classic but make it seem less bad and less like its a suicide forum and more just some happy people chatting about how much they love life.
Again stupid idea I had but I hope it could help i the future


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Nov 14, 2022
i'm in germany and it's still coming up for me.. maybe it's cause i'm using an "american" computer or something?? but my vpn says it's connected to germany and i can access and search for ss perfectly fine