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Sep 18, 2023
i'm new here and so far i've seen lots of posts about SN. why is it so popular? is it really effective? how accessible is it? also, how exactly do you ctb with SN?
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Jul 9, 2023
Hey there, you can read more about the SN method here: https://sanctioned-suicide.net/thre...-method-comprehensive-guide-sn-method.121672/

I believe its popular because drinking something seems much easier than actively having to harm yourself for several seconds/minutes. Once consumed the "hardest part" seems to be done. There is no easy way of going back now without actively involving people around you. It is also still easier to access and cheaper than some of the gases needed for a more peaceful method.


Aug 21, 2023
It was easier to prepare. I mean N would still be a better choice if you could access it easily. Effectiveness would depend really on how you prepared, your body reacting to sn, the purity, if your SI would kick in before it does it's magic. Accessibility, well, it used to be really easy to procure, Now it depends on where you are and the laws. Brief summary, it's cheap, and less of a hassle.
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Praestat mori, quam haec pati!
May 21, 2023
Welcome to the forum! When you have a few more posts you can use the search function. There's a lot of valuable info here.

In the meantime there's a Megathread about SN here:



The screaming never stops
Jul 17, 2023
I choese sn because it is easy and you can even travel.with it no huge Setup required so you can really freely chose where to go.

This is not an endorsment there is a huge Debatte if it realy is peacfull and sufff i just said why i like it