May 17, 2023
5 . Israel is really a hard on five.

This country is so annoying, the prices are so fucking high, the government is always radical , sick of terror attacks (on both sides obviously), can’t even visit my friends in Palestine, was Jewish orthodox and engaged in 17. The culture here is so survivalist and dumb.

But then, you have the people that live here, the young mostly. The people here, are genuinely so good, but it’s hard to see with all that trashy behavior to people. Constant stress, racism is very much part of it, I can’t even tell people I didn’t join the army without them asking me thousands of questions…
I truly think our population is so different that the radical sides will eventually go to war. Last couple of weeks I had to take more shifts for someone who is in the IDF because we have to deal with the rockets here all the time… of course, that’s a violence for freedom in my opinion, since this war is so fucked up already.
As someone who grew up in the settlement with crazy right zionist wing neighbors who destroy and take over more land, and edgy Palestinian teenagers who stab for fun - I got used to it. I remember in one terror attack I was in Jerusalem, hiding, and everyone was screaming their lungs out obviously, and the only thought I had through my mind was “come on, dude… it’s 6 AM!..”👀

The communities themselves are truly heartwarming. None of us want this war. But some are so blind it’s impossible to be here. The culture from the past is beautiful! All the land is very diversified with deserts, snow, and forests. The languages are so complex and beautiful, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Ethiopian and even Yiddish in those parts of the country. the art is simply wow!
Wines, music, fashion, literature…
It can be a magical place if we stop killing each other.


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Mar 9, 2023
Basically, it is a beautiful country where I live. I can do what I want. I can revel in the coastal landscapes, climb the high mountains. Ride my bike all day long, take the train somewhere. I can eat anything I want and I don't have to work.

It's a European country, and I have the right to go to another European country if I don't like it here anymore. A great advantage.

From the social life, that is: from the mentality, how people deal with each other here, from the alimented brutal spheres of this society, I cut myself off some time ago. This allowed me to find out that the reasons why I am unhappy lie far beyond politics and so on. It made me realize how many gates are actually open to me and how great and beautiful life could, should or ought to be. Even if the miserable oppression almost makes you believe the opposite.
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May 29, 2023
1/10. I would give a 0/10, if I could.


Corruption; stupid people without brains who trust propaganda; religiousness; no right for any-fucking-one, except the oligarchs of course; censorship; medicine and education being in the pit; rudeness in EVERYONE, and that's not an exaggeration, it's our reality – politeness is so, so rare.