Mar 22, 2020
It's 11pm in Argentina. I'll be alone for 3 hours and could try to CTB right now but it's too risky.
I guess I'll play the nice son for some more time until I'm 100% free and live in my apartment again so as to die, hopefully, next year.

You can take my post as a reminder to not rush things! Just look at me! I failed at CTB some months ago and I'm a prisoner now who only gets a few hours to be fully alone because of my mistakes!

Anyway, I wanted to vent a little.

Love you all and thanks for your advice and allowing me to exchange posts and comments with you even though I'm a humble and limited mind lol


Yours sincerely,

Matt, the NEET.


Nov 11, 2020
As tempted as you may be, I'm glad you are not acting impulsively and that you will be with us awhile longer.
The way I look at life now -- try to make the most of each day and focus on the peace that with all hope lies ahead,
Hugs :heart:


Life: you can’t fire me, I quit.
Nov 23, 2020
Glad to hear that you are waiting as it can go so wrong when we follow our urges without the right things in place. Sorry life has come to this though. You deserve your happiness. Keep talking, it’s nice to have you here
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