The Cake Is A Lie
Aug 12, 2021
I learned how to juggle almost 20 years ago in high school drama class. I can still do it, but nothing crazy, just three balls. But it's a fun lil trick.

My goal for 2022 was to [finally...] learn how to use chopsticks. I found the Marcosticks website [100% recommend it] that has tips, photos, videos, etc. of different chopstick grips and techniques. It really helped me--I ended up using a non-standard chopstick grip, but it works perfectly for me. I'm proficient in using chopsticks with both hands now!

I felt I'd truly mastered chopsticks when I found I was able to use them while stoned :ahhha:


Mar 7, 2023
i used to write. i can't write anymore. and it makes me sad. it used to be my whole world and the only thing that made sense to me. i try to do it but i just end up hating myself when i do because i can come up with nothing. if the inside world is dead then so is whatever i produce.


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May 1, 2023
Not that anyone cares but after a year of grinding to improve, I hit Master tier (top 0.5%) in League of Legends, starting in gold (top 30%-ish). Playing LoL is one of the only things that I still enjoy, alongside music.


I'm so decaying, feeling like an ashtray
Jan 5, 2020
I'm actually pretty good at drawing and painting. I'm a NEET so that's what I spend most of my day on. Sitting at my desk looking at portraits of people with interesting features, and, drawing them. Making art is a good hobby for me


Rabbits on the Moon
Dec 3, 2020
I used to play some instruments and reached a good level on it. Piano, violin, guitar and saxophone, but I gave it up years ago, so now I must be rusty, I no longer have instruments anyway. Despite the fact that I have progressively become more unmotivated and inconsistent, I have always been consistently responsible when taking care of my pets, I just can't think of ditching them and having someone else adopt them, I love them so much, I can no longer be physically with them but I try to ensure that they have all the necessary care.


May 7, 2023
I am creative, even without any formal training. I can put a lot of energy in situations, e.g. at work, where coming up with something new or original is needed, and my colleagues love me for that. Of course they don’t know how I feel inside.


There's a black cloud always following me around
Apr 10, 2023
Pretending that I’m happy to those around me and hiding my depression. If I killed myself today, they would be caught totally off guard. XD
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