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Oct 27, 2021
Hi folks.

In light of the massive influx of new members over the past months, and acknowledging the issue that navigating and understanding Sanctioned Suicide might initially lead to a few moments of confusion, making a thread to clear some things up seemed like a good idea. Also, since almost all of the hyperlinks from older forum posts magically disappeared one day, the hunt for information could turn out a fair bit more inconvenient than it used to be.

This thread serves the purpose of picking up on the most common questions that aren't sufficiently covered in the main introductory resources. If you still happen to have questions about the structure or functionality of SaSu after reading this post, feel free to comment them below. Before you do so though, make sure to carefully read the Rules and FAQ as well as The Sanctioned Suicide Forum Guide, as questions that have been answered there will not be answered again - with one or two exceptions in this OP, which I will briefly explain when we get there.

Why do some users have crossed-out names?
This can have one of two reasons:
  • The user chose to deactivate their account.
  • The user was banned.
What happens to a user's account when they CTB?
In case the passing has been confirmed or there is good reason to assume so, the account will be banned. Should it turn out that the attempt failed or the person had a sudden change of mind, they are free to return to this community and reactivate their account.

Why can't I access private messages or the search bar?
To do that, you need a certain amount of contributions - we can't tell you the exact number. It doesn't matter if those contributions are comments or threads, both count towards the threshold amount. Do not spam low-effort posts though unless that fits in with the nature of the respective thread (e.g. counting).

What's the purpose of reactions and what's the reaction score?
You have the option to express sympathy/empathy/etc. with a post by picking from a range of emojis ("reactions"). Likewise you're able to receive reactions to your own contributions. Each reaction will increase your reaction score by 1. This score doesn't really matter as it does not influence your privileges or your status on this site in any way. At most you can see the reaction score as a testament of a user's activity here. There isn't much of a point in competing for the highest reaction scores or using this mechanic to boost your ego. Not a lot of people care if your score is 30 or 30,000.

What's the deal with warnings?
This question has been partially answered in the Rules and FAQ but I would like to extend the explanation. Moderators can warn you for unpleasant activities. Warning points reach from a symbolic 0 to a full 100 (in practice it's usually multiples of 10). Once you hit 100 warning points, you will automatically be perma-banned. However, warning points do expire. The amount of points as well as their expiration date is to be decided by the moderator handing out the warning. If you feel that you have been given an unfair warning, you can reach out to us and we can discuss the matter in a civilized way. The warning will be lessened or withdrawn in the case that it turns out we made a mistake.

Why do some of my posts need moderator approval before being published?
This is most likely because your post included a phrase that is automatically picked up by our filtering system. It may take a while for us to approve the post since we're humans too and can't keep an eye on the approval queue 24/7, but unless you're violating the rules, we will give it green light. We cannot tell you which words cause this preliminary holdback.

What do all the acronyms mean?
There is a list of the most common acronyms in the aforementioned forum guide. I would also like to share a more extensive list of acronyms put together by @ksp.

Why don't I have sufficient permissions to view certain member profiles?
This boils down to privacy settings. Each member can choose from multiple levels of restriction to hide their profile page details from others. However - and this is important to keep in mind - your forum contributions will still appear in search results regardless of your privacy settings.

What else is there to say?
  • Suicide Discussion is for suicide discussion. People don't vent there to get bombarded with "it will get better" pseudo-advice, they vent there to feel like their voice is being heard. Don't enter that subforum preaching the beauty of life. Recovery is for recovery. Don't enter that subforum preaching the beauty of death. Offtopic is for everything else.
  • In case you find a user suspicious or come across an inappropriate post, make use of the report button. We often randomly come across intolerable content that has been sitting untouched for months, if not years, simply because nobody ever reported it. In the worst case (or best, depending on how you look at it) we can simply reject the report and move on. This includes members that you suspect of being underage, by the way.
  • It doesn't matter that my name is listed under forum staff. You can openly question my views the same way you would question someone who isn't a moderator. We may have different opinions and that's totally fine, we don't have to agree on everything. You will not be sanctioned for calling me out (unless you violate the rules but the same goes for me). This applies to all moderators, by the way, as well as to established members with thousands of posts. We all have our little quirks and we all do or say something dumb from time to time. None of us are saints.


Watch out for scammers and predators.
Even in a place like this scams and attempted assault are a thing. Unfortunately not every member acts genuine and plenty do in fact follow malicious intentions. A few common behavior patterns that should raise red flags - both in general terms as well as specifically from past experiences on SaSu - are the following:
  • Privately messaging you with the offer of assisting in your suicide under certain conditions. Oftentimes they will claim that they can send you equipment you can't acquire on your own and pretend that they don't have the necessary financial means to pay for it themselves. Another often-used tactic is to pressure you into booking a hotel or Airbnb residence where you are supposed to meet up - you won't hear back from them.
  • Stating that they can locate anywhere across multiple countries or offering to cover your traveling expenses to a place they pick.
  • Looking for a suicide partner of a specific gender or sex.
  • Showing remarkable inconsistencies in their post history.
  • Creating an atmosphere of urgency or high emotionality.
  • Offering a source for a seemingly impossible-to-find substance (especially Nembutal).
  • Engaging in deeply personal conversations with you but requesting transactions via crypto currencies. Of course the preference for crypto doesn't automatically make someone a bad person but this is nonetheless a theme we have observed here several times in regards to this section's topic.
  • Persuading you to reveal personal information that you wouldn't share publicly, for example by making up an embarrassing story about themselves or revealing bits of their own personal data (name, location, etc.) and expecting the same from you.
  • Claiming to act in the name or under the approval of forum staff.
This is by no means a comprehensive list and neither can any person that meets one of those criteria be labeled malicious right away. Should you one day have the "pleasure" of encountering a person that you deem highly likely to fall under this category though, please take screenshots of your conversations (important: do that before you block the person) and approach the moderators with the issue. If you're more interested in this topic, I recommend looking up scam detection on your search engine of choice, there are numerous resources available on this online.

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[04/04/23] Due to my resignation from the moderator position, I will not be able to edit this post anymore in the future.

[07/03/23] Added a section for detecting scammers and predators, inspired by this thread; minor grammatical changes.
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Mar 25, 2023
How do I contact the moderators? I have an older account here that I requested a ban on years ago and am trying to get lifted, I submitted a form through the contact us page and nothing's come of it


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Oct 27, 2021
How do I contact the moderators? I have an older account here that I requested a ban on years ago and am trying to get lifted, I submitted a form through the contact us page and nothing's come of it
You can open a ticket or drop one of us a private message, whichever you prefer. The contact form hasn't been leading to any responses for a while and - as ridiculous as this sounds - we have no idea why that is either.


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May 18, 2023
Where is the search function? It was mentioned in the Forum Guide but I can't find it anywhere


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Sep 28, 2021
Where is the search function? It was mentioned in the Forum Guide but I can't find it anywhere
You need a certain number of posts before it appears. Though nobody seems to know how many!


May 22, 2023
It would be helpful if the Search function was available to new members as it would cut down on repetitive posts for things that may have been asked and answered before. I have a question that I'm a little hesitant to ask as it may have already been asked and answered, so being able to search if there are already threads or posts about this would be very helpful.


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Apr 27, 2023
Im pretty sure I saw someone on here say they were 12, should i report them?
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