Nov 17, 2020
I work for a daycare and my boss is a real bitch. I really am thinking about ctb but I don't know the etiquette of ctb while I'm employed.
Before when I would attempt I was self employed and never had to question.

But would you give your two weeks or just do it and leave a letter?


Dec 15, 2020
Personally, I wouldn't. Just in case you change your mind about your plans or the attempt fails. Also, you may alert them that something is wrong if you quit without a new job to go to.

Sounds like you are a considerate person and may feel guilty. From personal experience businesses survive sudden departures easily and there will always be somebody ready to fill your position if you do leave.


Mar 22, 2020
It depends on the job.

In my case, I used to be an English teacher so, not notifying them about my "eternal absence" would cause trouble to my students and I'd never want to mess up their lessons and course so I'd let the institution know about my death.

On the other hand, if it were an "office work" , let's say one in which I'd probably have terrible workmates and bosses, I wouldn't do anything so that they can go f*ck themselves and find out I'm death without me letting them know so.
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Nov 17, 2020
Thank you for the insight. I didn't think of it as a red flag thing.
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May 24, 2018
Don't give a notice in case you change your mind dude.

But why not try to arrange for as many vacations as possible? That's what I'd try to do - take all my holidays - that way they're expecting an absence and I don't leave anything in the middle
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Got my ticket
Aug 18, 2020
Don't do it! I am an example of what happens when you do. I have no job now and my attempt failed. I did it because I didn't want to cause additional anguish to my colleagues and I was in a work for home situation so I thought that would make it worse. My colleagues will feel anguish regardless and my company gave two shits about me so I should've been okay to let them deal with the aftermath. I wish I had found this site sooner and asked this very same question 7 months ago.

Edit: I LOVE your pfp BTW
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Apr 23, 2020
Disclaimer: American cultural point of view.

Why? At most, if not all, jobs, you're as worthy to the employer as a chair or a printer. The days of a company being loyal to its workers are long, long gone. Your boss may be sincerely nice to you, but at the end of the day, your person doesn't matter, your output does. Once you CTB, you essentially stop producing revenue for the company. They'll feel sad for a day or two, and they may send a condolences card to your home address, but at the end of the day, what they'll worry about most is how the company will operate with you gone.

So what that means is you don't have to give a two-week notice, or any kind of notice. At most, what you can do is tell a few very trusted colleagues that you're thinking about quitting. If asked why, make up an excuse about not feeling happy working there and/or personal difficulties. That's it! Don't share any further details. Share just enough to give them a comfortable explanation for why you suddenly stopped showing up.


Dec 20, 2020
Depends on the location . At some previous employers yes. For others no


Jul 5, 2020
I work retail. I would put in my two weeks first. It's just that I think people would be really disrespectful if something happened to me while I was still employed. I guess it doesn't really matter since I won't be around to hear it all, but my family would have to deal with their calls when I no-call/no-show for a week.

If you have a similarly "disposable" job, just quit. You can just find another McDonald's to work at if something goes wrong. If it was a more comfortable job though, I think I'd be more cautious. I'd want the security of knowing I can go back to work if I fail. But I feel like it'll be very embarrassing to deal with people asking why you were away and all that. Depending on your method and resolve, you'd probably be in the hospital for a while, and the length of time might be variable depending on how far you got, your condition, etc. People will have questions after and your response to them may affect your job security. Being newly disabled could also cause problems if such a thing were to happen.

If you care about any of your coworkers, you can talk to them privately as if you were simply quitting and moving far away or something. That way no one gets suspicious and you can get closure. But the coworkers you aren't close with probably won't care, death pretty much only affects people when it's someone they love and care for. They might mope around for a while (it depends on your industry and your personality), then they'll hire someone else and move on with their lives.


Mar 8, 2021
I have already written emails programmed to be sent after I pass, to family and manager.

To give some reasons and say "don't cry over me" to my family, and to advise my work colleagues not to try to understand why, and forget me.


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Jan 26, 2021
I'd be dead so I wouldn't care about any of that.


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Oct 12, 2020
"Dear Boss, I'm submitting my two week notice, I am killing myself.......just thinking of what to say about how much of a wonderful person you and the company have been to me. I will never forget you and what you've done to help me feel at ease on the job and I owe you my life! "


Sep 28, 2020
I’ve quit a few jobs simply by now showing anymore and still got paid.
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