Nov 12, 2020
For as long as i remember, ive always had the desire to ctb. As a kid, my cousin ctb when we were playing. A neighbour had hanged himself, so we started to play hanging game. We'd tie ropes around our necks and play, lets jump. Cant remember the details, but my cousin did jump. He died. I was maybe 10. The sancrocity of it all made an impression in my mind. Then at 15 i brought a girl to spend a night with me. She was 12? Her family raised hell. It was a police case. Charges I had kidnaped her. The option was ctb. Drank insecticides. Didnt die. It was settled out of legal process. Then in 2010, as a grown up, i went bankrupt, was owed by banks on my assets. I quit life. Planned ctb, then on the day of ctb, guy calls offers a fresh statt out of the country. God sent. Then i straightened my life. Then now. Here i am. Wondering. Seems now I've lost everything. Everything is my daughter. My wife took her. Im too old to start life all over. But now, its about time


Apr 10, 2019
Were you actually there when that happened to your cousin?