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Life sucks

Apr 18, 2018
This may sound abstract unlike other reasons or problems . But seriously when you look at the life from abstract or scientific point of view, it's a very depressing thing even if there is nothing wrong with your life. Humans will always use emotions and even if they think, they'll try to avoid the complete abstraction. They simply can't live when they look at the whole image. They live in complete illusions and will create ideas just to keep living without thinking about that. While some of these things are obvious, humans will avoid looking at it.

So what are the core problems within life?

1) The possibility of life being a simulation: no matter how much you do, it's nothing at the end. People will form groups or organizations, will start wars or enslave others in corporations. People will sleep then wake up then sleep and eat in a cycle. Everything works as a function of time, even if you don't have relations with anyone, time will affect your habits alone even if nothing else is changed. This all looks like a nightmare and a bad game.

2) Everything has an end: So what if you enjoyed a movie then it finished. Some people will have negative feelings about it being ended. In some cases, the negativity will be greater than the enjoyment. Now replace the word "movie" with anything you love. Isn't it sad that everything you enjoy will become a state of past then you have the nostalgia or whatever or even in the short term, you'll meet some people and have fun then everyone will go home. And ultimately, our lives will end and everything will disappear so even just become in continous state of negativity until the end. That's all assuming the thing is good, but if it's bad, you will suffer then have a bad memory. So comparatively, the enjoyment and good memories have the lesser negativity of course but not positive.

3) Everyone is single entity/inherently loner: This may sound complicated but everyone is just a single piece and you have your own world of illusions inside you. None else will really understand you and your pain. No matter what you do or how many people are with you, you are lonely even if you don't feel that way. There is nothing called state or corporations as entities, they are imaginary entities done by a collection of single entities. And when you mix this point with point #1, you'll see that single entities are simulated to make different results. Now the sad part is, this lonely entity is suffering or making others suffer. Isn't it sad to see humans which are the same are you in that state? Finally, if someone really understood this point, it will form the ultimate answer for many things in life and why nobody is hearing or helping you and why many things looks robotic.

4) Life can be just an image or a movie: There is no wrong with images or movies and we can love them. However, from abstract point of view, the image has a different meaning and will describe the physical shape.We completely build our ideas on these and have feelings about these images, how many times we misjudged a person because of the looks? Those other humans has something inside that is different and not related with the image all the time. So isn't it sad that humans keep misunderstanding each others because of looks and not thinking about how everyone is like point #3, you will look at his face but he can't look at his own face.

5) Pain: This one is short, no matter what is this world or life and how it works, Pain Hurts. You can't ease the pain by saying the previous stuff, it will hurt you anyway. Life will hurt you and when you want to leave, it will hurt you. Nobody shares your pain. Isn't it sad if life has way more pain than no pain, is it really worth it to be in a life filled with different types of pain (psychologically, physically.. etc) ?

Sorry if I made it complicated but I tried to describe the depressing abstract view and to be honest I can't be the same as before and I can't live with lies and illusions. Sorry if it makes you feel bad or aggravate your problems because this is one of the core problems and realizing it aggravate all other problems.


𝖬𝖺𝗒𝖻𝖾 𝗂𝗇 π– π—‡π—ˆπ—π—π–Ύπ—‹ π–£π—‚π—†π–Ύπ—‡π—Œπ—‚π—ˆπ—‡
Jul 12, 2023
About the pain.. I think that life (?) supposed to work this way. let me tell you why...
When you touch a hot plate that you accidentally left in the microwave for too long, the first thing that comes to your mind might be some curses, and inappropriate words, because of the pain you suffered. (assuming that you aware of it and got your hand off the plate right away.) The uncomfortable feels that comes with the pain actually can save you in some point in your life. For example, if the plate temperature was as high as the surface of the sun, it could get worse every second.
I am not trying to be optimistic.


Into that beautiful, starry night... I go.
Mar 16, 2023
I think humans over complicate life. I think life IS, in fact, what we make it. It's just that the human thinks it should be suffering and painful. And that could very well be by design, as the human (I believe) has a creator. And that creator could just be some malevolent force that feeds off the sufferings of it's creations. That said, I think life is just simply to be experienced. Nothing more. I also think it's problematic, because predatory behavior is built into the DNA of life. Starting with cells feeding on smaller cells. Therefore, the idea that life can get "better" depends on what one wants to call "better". Life simply knows no other way than to feed upon itself, because from a molecular perspective... that's all it's ever done. Sentience seems to be kind of an anomaly of life. To actually be able to interpret and articulate the happenings and behaviors of life is to suffer. I don't think suffering is a good thing and life should, therefore, have a check against it in some way. There's very little constructive about suffering. Sometimes, it's necessary to accomplish something useful. Most of the time, however, it's pointless.

So, I agree. Life, itself, is and always will be more of a problem than a blessing.