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Jul 21, 2023
I wish I could visit Nepal, Bhutan...the Himalayas is so beautiful and interesting.
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Feb 1, 2023
European countries + S.American countries prolly. I feel like they have the contentment I’m looking for in various ways
Aesthetic guy

Aesthetic guy

Just hanging around...
Dec 13, 2022
Any country I've never been to before. My top picks are Turkey, Iran, Maldives, Greece, Italy.
iran? rly? we all are running away my friend. don't come in here. there is a high chance to get arrested for no reason -_-
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Mar 28, 2022
Always wanted to go visit Japan. I'm far from an otaku or anything, but some of my favorite media franchises are Japanese and I find the culture intriguing. Even took some Japanese language classes in high school and I wasn't too shabby.
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they say it’s darkest of all before the dawn
Sep 13, 2023
I’d love to go somewhere where I haven’t been, like Austria, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, Greece, Israel, Iran, Lichtenstein, Morocco, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, South Korea, Switzerland, UAE, Turkey, etc

If I had choose only a few tho, they would be Korea, Turkey, and Iran. I’ve been to China and Japan, but not Korea…I’d love to go someday. I also really want to go to Istanbul, Cappadocia and Isfahan for some reason…idk why

I also want to go to France, England, and Scotland again. I love Paris, London and Edinburgh so much. London is literally my favorite city. I also want to go to Mont Saint-Michel again and explore more places in France.

I want to go to Inverness and explore the Scottish highlands, and go to Loch Ness again. Last time I only went to Fort Augustus. I’d like to take a boat on Loch Ness and hopefully see the monster…I also want to go to the Isle of Skye

I’d also like to go to Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka again and explore other places in Japan

i would travel to france since i speak some french i could get around pretty easily, and ghana mainly for the ball pythons and other wildlife
France is so nice! I love it so much. Where in France would you go?
European countries + S.American countries prolly. I feel like they have the contentment I’m looking for in various ways
Where in Europe would you go? There are so many countries there…
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