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Apr 8, 2020
Whenever I opened up honesty about my struggles and problems in online support spaces the people who have been the most abusive towards me were the people who use therapy and post positive posts on social media about looking after your mental health. This is why I am very very skeptical of anyone who preaches about mental health care and suicide prevention.

Before being a fully active poster on Sanctioned Suicide I used to belong to an online support group for depression sufferers. The moderator of that online community she suffered from severe anxiety and has had postnatal depression in all her pregnancies. At my most vunlerable point during the Covid19 pandemic her followers who were older British women builled me relentlessly all because I said " I wished I died from covid19" instead of all the good people of the world" During the pandemic I felt I didn't deserve to be alive and healthy. she allowed her followers to bully me and she even defended the woman bullying me. This is the full story.

This year on reddit when i shared honestly my experiences about a subbreddit I used to belong too my thread led to other women opening up about their experiences too especially with the moderator of that sub. The moderator of the sub is femcel bully who regularly sees a therapist.The moderator of sub who stalked my posts came on my thread and accused me of "retraumatising" myself during the time on her sub community. When I used to be a member of her sub she always spoke to me in patronising therapy speak and used armchair diagnoses to rip apart my behaviour whenever I opened honestly about my problems.

I genuinely believe therapy makes people more self centred and incapable of emphasising with people. Therapy encourages people to put their own well being first, there is nothing wrong with that but if it is not done properly it can led to people becoming self centred in their outlook. This then spreads to how they treat others. Look at most celebrities and influencers who are open about regularly being in therapy these people are the most self centred people ever, not all but there is a pattern.
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|| What Else Could I Be But a Jester ||
Oct 21, 2023
Most people view therapy as this magical cure to their problems when it isn't. Therapy speak happens because people go therapy and think that they now know everything about the human mind because of it. Most of these people wouldn't be able to comprehend most of the shit that is regularly talked about in most fields that fall under behavioural science and in behavioural neuroscience, but that doesn't matter. People have a tendency to act like they know everything about something after only scratching the surface of it. Mental health advocacy is basically just a sham at this point. A lot of said advocates actively hate people with the most stigmatized mental health conditions, armchair diagnose others, act as though anyone who doesn't fit into their standards of what they precieve as normal must be mentally ill, make fun of people whose symptoms manifest in ways that are considered "bad" (destructive behaviours, bad hygiene, lying a lot, etc), and so on.

There generally tends to be a pattern where people who usually make either super cutesy posts or super positive posts online seem to always end up being incredibly toxic and rude. It's funny, because this extends way beyond online mental health communities and into most spaces online and even irl. For example, in some fandom communities, there have been discussions about how it's usually the people who make the dark, violent, scary, freaky, and kinky content who end up being the nicest people, while those on the other end of spectrum end up being the assholes. This, of course, doesn't apply to anyone and is instead just a general trend that a lot of people tend to take note of. I guess it could also be argued to just be a reflection of our own confirmation bias, but the point is that it isn't uncommon for people who post positive content to be complete assholes.

It's better to just ignore those people rather than get all hung up over what they say to you. They are just people who are unaware of their own ignorance and you shouldn't waste your energy or time on them.
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