Sanctioned Suicide

Sanctioned Suicide

Mar 17, 2018
You are now able to schedule your threads and posts to be published any time in the future. When you make a thread or post, you'll see "Post date" and you'll be able to choose the time and date you want your post or thread to be published.

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Soulless Angel

Soulless Angel

Did someone say Rum?
Jul 6, 2020
this is a really good idea, is there an option to delete if you change your mind, just thinking if someone wants to ctb/do a goodbye thread, but is uncertain,(how many have changed their mind and their goodbye thread is then pointless) just thinking this is a really good idea for those in that place, sorry hard to explain, its early and not had enough coffee yet!


Staring at the edge
Apr 28, 2021
Does a scheduled post go online even after the account has been disabled?
And if not, then there's still a period of time where the self-ban has not yet taken full effect, I believe it lasts 48 hours. Will a post scheduled in that timeframe be published?