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May 1, 2018
I've read that altough most modern cars have filtered car exhausts, when you just turn on the car the filter doesn't work at first, it takes some times, so i'm wondering if it's possible to kill onesef at that span of time before the filter start working ?
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Mar 31, 2018
Could you expand on this please ? Isn't dying by C02 supposed to be quite peaceful ?
It is death. It is only really peaceful if your brain is destroyed really really fast or something like that. Peace comes after dying, hopefully.


the grind
Mar 21, 2018
Could you expand on this please ? Isn't dying by C02 supposed to be quite peaceful ?

If the filter starts working all the sudden, it might stop you from dying but not stop you from passing out with brain damage.
Otherwise, CO2 is rather peaceful.


Sunflower Panda
Apr 6, 2018
I think you guys mean CO, not CO2?


Just “hanging around”
Oct 10, 2022
Tried this and failed. Its the catalytic converter tthat cuts.most of the noX gases that is made from fuel that is burnt. Suppose this would be possible in a older car with no cat or remove the cat completely. When the cat is cold it will allow poisonous gases to get through but when warmed up then chances are less than 2%

When I tried all I got was a headache And dizziness. And brown condensation on the insides of the windows.