i hate myself

i hate myself

May 2, 2018
Hi. Finally, I came back to sanctioned suicide after two months of wasting my time and life more than I was used to.

I want to try those kind of drugs, like LSD and Magic Mushrooms, and I dont really know if MDMA is a psychedelic but I want to give em a try.

What are ur thoughts on doing psychedelics? I just want to try them to see if they can really can take me to another world and make me evade from this shitty life.

And, if you had any experiences with those drugs, specially LSD (I want to try this), that you want to tell us as a story you're welcome.

My last question is, if you know, how you can get them, cause here in Spain is fcking hard to find psychedelics, everyone is freaked out with weeds :(