Oh to be a goofy cartoon character.
May 7, 2023
Time machine (and maybe an old lover or 2 back but pointless without time machine first)
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Everything's terrible
May 16, 2023
In the depths of solitude, I find myself yearning for a connection, a fragile thread to tether me to the world. Yet, as I reach out, my heart heavy with longing, the echoes of silence reverberate through the vast expanse of my existence. Each day, I witness the bustling crowds, their laughter and camaraderie weaving a tapestry of belonging. But I am but a solitary figure, a specter drifting amidst the shadows, unseen and forgotten. A heavy fog blankets my soul, drowning my cries in a symphony of desolation. The world moves on, indifferent to my presence. In this desolate landscape, I crave the touch of another's hand, a solace to chase away the icy grip of loneliness. But my pleas fall upon deaf ears, swallowed by the void that haunts my every step. Aching with emptiness, I wander through the corridors of my mind, haunted by memories of connection lost. The remnants of fractured bonds linger, like ghostly whispers in the recesses of my shattered heart. I yearn for the solace of shared sorrows, for a kindred spirit to understand the weight of my melancholy. Alas, the tendrils of despair tighten their grip, as hope fades like a dying ember. Each rejection, each fleeting encounter, deepens the chasm within. The ache of isolation becomes an unwelcome companion, a constant reminder of my fragile existence. So here I stand, amidst the wreckage of shattered dreams, seeking solace in the abyss. A soul adrift, craving connection in a world that seems determined to cast me aside. I shall continue my search, a seeker of solace in this desolate realm, hoping against hope that one day, my yearning shall find its answer.

or booba. Both is fine :-)
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Memento Mori/Помни о смерти
May 10, 2023
Physical and mental health.


your favourite handheld's favourite handheld
May 20, 2023
the ability to stop time for at least a year or longer so I can wander around and enjoy silence and solitude and avoid the things that cause me stress