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Dr Iron Arc

Into the Unknown
Feb 10, 2020
1. Tried to drown myself in a hotel pool (felt too painful so I stopped. Didn’t help that I can swim)
2. Starvation/exposure (succumbed to survival instinct extremely soon)
3. Charcoal burning (was stopped by the fact I had nothing to light a fire with)
4. Jumping (couldn’t find anywhere high enough and my mom also just happened to call me and talk me out of it without her knowing)
5. Tried to create a heart attack by eating whole sticks of butter. (Heart did feel a little weird but ultimately I got too full before I could get far enough.)
6. Now I have SN which I probably won’t use for a while.


Nov 29, 2020
Tried to jump down some very high rocks (with some kind of pond in the middle) as a kid. I went there on a Saturday when I thought none of the usual workes (mining some kind of stone there) were around.
I climbed up the highest cliff and stood there for a few minutes contemplating. Then suddenly I noticed a worker waving and screaming at me to get back from the edge. If it wasn’t for him I would have jumped at the age of 12.
I was pretty determined and hadn’t even thought about the impact of dying.
Probably also wouldn’t have been high enough so for the better.


Jun 12, 2020
Rat Poison
Hanging both Partial and Full
Wrist Cut
Overdose with Amlodipine
Jumping from Heights
Yikes, how was the rat poison? I imagine excessive blood thinners would be horrible.


Aug 31, 2020
OD with no research or possibility of success, ziptie around neck that may have been more of a gesture... Those are the "official" ones, resulting in hospitalizations.

Then there's the many "hope this works" or "let's just see" type attempts, I haven't kept track of the numbers of tries but those include cutting wrists (failed quite quickly,) lots of mixing various otc and prescription drugs and alcohol and hoping it may work, only to wake up with a fucked hangover and sometimes lasting issues like seizing or passing out... several tries at partial suspension and night-light with only one recent time where I think partial could've worked had I been home alone and not risking quick discovery.... ideally I can recreate those circumstances again because it's been one of the few positive things lately to keep in my back pocket.


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Nov 9, 2020
1. partial hanging
2. drowning
3. electrocution (was too scared to put the fork in the socket but i really hyped myself up and ended up crying like a bitch baby)
4. i tried starvation but it only lasted 3 days because i felt bad that my partner found out


Dec 18, 2019
1. Starved myself until I reached 90 pounds but was institutionalized at an eating disorder ward
2. Stayed outside in the frigid cold on a winter night in an attempt to give myself hypothermia. Didn’t work.
3. Jumped off of a building (my most recent attempt. I broke my back and my femur. Oddly enough the pain was bearable.)


Nov 5, 2020
When I was younger I tried a few things:
electrocution (knife in an electrical socket, circuit breaker flipped or whatever)
slit wrists (came close, managed to carve in on painkillers before by friend got there and stopped me)
Oxycodone OD
Mixing benzos, painkillers and alcohol

It's been years since my last attempt. Not planning on having any more failures


Oct 25, 2020
In order:

1) Paracetamol, was 12 and only took a pack but it was my first serious attempt ig. Tried a few more times before realising it wouldn't work.
2) Starvation, all I earned was months of harassment from mental health services and eventually a trip to the psych ward.
3) Ibuprofen, apparently would've succeeded if I wasn't found.
4) Caught trying to jump off building by security, got the fuck out of there.
5) Ibuprofen 2: Electric Boogaloo.
6) Multiple ligatures in the psych ward, eventually gave up.
7) Sleeping pills, hallucinated and threw up but nothing serious.
8) Alcohol poisoning, the hangover was miserable.
9) Slit wrist, had to get surgery.

10th time's the charm, right? :')


in a dark place
Nov 26, 2020
Not sure it counts as an attempt, but I got as far as tying the noose and tying it over a beam and then I was too terrified when I saw my setup SI or whatever took over and that was that.

Also some of these attempts are terrifying and that more attempts follow just shows there should be easier legal methods.
I'm glad of this site and Stan's guide but even those reports don't sound that peaceful as it should be.
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Nov 6, 2020
1. Partial hanging
2. Slit my wrists
3. Starvation
4. Overdose - barbiturates
5. Partial hanging
Can you please detail what went wrong with the barbiturates?
I want to use them, so it will help me to know...


Nov 25, 2019
I get impostor syndrome when people talk about attempts. How close do I have to get for it to count?
  • I saved up my pills for a month and got a bottle of vodka to wash them down with, but I chickened out.
  • I drove 3 hours to Beachy Head, but I just sat and cried near the edge until the sun went down.
  • I stood on the railing of a motorway bridge, but even when a stranger came to rescue me I knew I wasn't going to jump anyway. :(
I feel like a coward.
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