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Life sucks

Apr 18, 2018
I can't stand this life and those humans. What's the point of working and doing nothing in your life? You only have limited time and they force you to do things that you don't want. Work then time flies very fast. You age then do nothing because you are expired.
Staying in this torture for more years is unbearable.
I don't believe in any of societies norms and I won't follow it anyway, I will end my life or live differently (life sucks and I don't want to stay but this is just if I assume I want to live).

But the hell of life, we go through this madness and suffering only to end someday and all of the efforts will be useless and meaningless. Logic says to end it ASAP. I know there are things I love to do here but time is flying and I will get pained more for nothing.

I wish I sleep and never wake up Fuck this torture machine called life.