Nov 9, 2020
That would be great, please invite me to the party! I think the only people I can think of, who I would want to talk to, would be some of the lovely members we've had to say goodbye to. It'd be nice if we could all meet up in the afterlife, and have a big celebration together. :hug::heart:


Aug 18, 2020
Personally I'd hope us SS members would have a party planned~
Considering reincarnation, some people may not be there when we get there. They might have another job to do. Like Hitler or JFK might be back by now trying to fix things or learning from thier mistakes. I would like to hear the stories of all the bad people there. I would like to know why they did what they did and hurt so many people. I think a lot of lessons could be learned from that. I would also lile to see my loved ones that I knew personally. I would also like to help the kids that end up there for whatever reason so they dont have such a hard time. From what I understand its a nice place and the reason we are here is to learn. I don't like it any more than anybody else. I think gurus should get punched more for that kind of advice lol. I dont think a famous person would appeal to me. Unless they were putting in real work to actually make the world a better place. It's a hard question. Also we don't exactly know what to expect there.
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Weary Soul

Weary Soul

Soon I will be free
Nov 13, 2019
Am having difficulty thinking of who, but the first thing that popped into my mind is what has already been said here. In essence, those who understand.


Moon Flower

I'll soon be sleeping sound
Oct 14, 2019
Off topic. Lol
Ah, yeah I suppose you're right~ I just put it here because it seemed fitting to only ask the ones who still intend to ctb/end their lives soon. I suppose, though, it's where we're all headed anyway in the end~


Aug 14, 2020
Adam and Eve. They’re the root of all the chaos and sufferings in this world :angry:
Estrela do Sol

Estrela do Sol

Dec 2, 2020
Eu acredito que para onde vamos não vamos ter muitas escolhas a quem reencontrar. Mas se existir inferno mesmo. Quando chegar lá vou melhorar aquele lugar!


Not gone yet but soon
Jan 14, 2020
I truly believe in reincarnation. However if I did get to go to an afterlife, my friends that all passed over the years. I’ve lost too many.
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Life was a mistake
Sep 12, 2020
Maybe talk to some Greek philosophers to see what they think of modern society and technology. And a bunch of people involved in historical myths and unsolved mysteries to ask them what really happened.
Those who staffed the Library of Alexandria
Good choice, what a tragedy that was.
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I remember...death in the afternoon...
Nov 7, 2020
Ian Curtis.