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the grind
Mar 21, 2018
We should have a general pinned thread for it, if not the admins are against such threads, I can understand if it had a bad place in the juridical system even though the servers are overseas. I have a feeling it might drag a lot of unwanted attention from outsiders.


May 23, 2018
I would like it. I saw most people seeking a partner are not in the united states which is where I am from.. Committing suicide can be really scary.... so having someone to go with me would be less lonely.


Some idiot
May 11, 2018
Me too. I feel for those who really feel better having a suicide partner at least should just do it via PM and try to take some privacy precautions as the media would basically infest this place like flies to a dried up pile of shit if it got enough attention.

Personally I feel uncomfortable with it since I would rather face the idea of the inevitable by myself but if it brings comfort and peace to those who decide to ctb then to each their own.


Apr 8, 2018
I'm sorry this is not the type of pinned thread we are willing to make.

Another major problem with making suicide pacts is laws around suicide pacts in most countries(there are some where its legal). If you make a suicide pact they go through with it and you back out you could face years in jail time which is not something. I will encourage.


May 8, 2018

I wish someone here conveniently attended my college, and that we could just meet up on campus when the next semester starts. It kind of hurts checking out these threads only to see everyone so far apart. I guess some part of me is still hopeful for a miracle to happen.