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  • Carrie Goldberg, in a C&T Legislative Hearing for the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, falsely claimed that this website was run by two people (our co-founders resigned about two years ago) and that this site 'singlehandedly increased child suicide' without proof or evidence. She also wants to remove Section 230 protection and make sites liable for what users post, which would destroy many small businesses.

    It is clear that she is lobbying to remove Section 230 so that lawyers (like herself) can sue site owners for hosting controversial content. Not only would this chill online free speech across the internet, but it would also lead to censorship of content like we have never seen before.

    If your representative is on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, I recommend you contact them to correct the record and to let them know not to support any legislation regarding Section 230 that would allow ambulance-chasing lawyers like Carrie to sue small businesses over users' content.



Apr 7, 2018
I have vitreous opacities which impede on my ability to see and enjoy a day. I developed them around 14 and couldn't study.

Every time I told my doctor or mother they gave me the "Be grateful that you're not blind or have a serious disability". This angers me completely because this is NOT normal for anyones vision. I have talked to many of my classmates who say they don't have this in their vision. They are very distracting and the only thing that helps is wearing black shades and using a dark theme on a computer. Sick and tired of people giving me the "someone has it worse" fallacy.

The surgery cost between €5,000-8,000 so I've decided to just try and suck them out with a hypodermic needle that is the diameter of my eyeball sideways.

Final Escape

I’ve been here too long
Jul 8, 2018
Checkout trying to have it done in a country that is cheaper possibly? I know right? I often hear about people having to go to like Mexico to have dental work.

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