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Rogue Proxy

Rogue Proxy

Sep 12, 2021
Thank you for your interest. I'm still working on the main document, but I can post a smaller one containing recipes for fruit popsicles, punchsicles, lemonade popsicles, and limeade popsicles. What's interesting about these recipes is that all of them are fruit-based without added sweeteners. Oven-roasted fruit is the key to creating them without adding any sugars. Enjoy!


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Feb 8, 2024
My hopes adrift in unknown temporality
I struggle endlessly against constricting
Awareness of my own ephemerality
Desire and loathing always conflicting
Ruthlessly robbing and so restricting
My hopes and dreams to unreality.

Laid-bare feelings in sand to find;
The nutrients beneath the rind.
But deeper only do they sink
Under stars that ne'er aligned
'Til all is left but time to think.

A poem written last year.
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Jan 27, 2024
productivity, news, the grind
trading interests like resumes
all i want to do is exist with you
its a selfish desire, i know
to be in love for no other reason
just so we can be side by side
yet regardless of descriptors
the sunset blesses us all
all i want to do is exist with you


52km/hr or 88km/hr
zoom against crawl
we are all going to hell
7:13AM, pick your drawl
the red lights humble us all

im so happy this thread exists i love reading and writing
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Jul 18, 2023
The Snail[

There once was a snail that lived in a broken shell. It wasn't always broken. When it had started life, its shell was pristine and shiny and hard, smooth and perfect and irreplaceable.

But one day a human stepped on the snail, and the stomp cracked the snail's perfect porcelain shell. It hurt, but the snail survived. But now it had to live with the ugly crack in it's shell forever.

At first, the snail seemed okay with the crack in it's shell. But then, the damage started to make life difficult. It couldn't move through the garden as smoothly as it used to, and eating vegetation was more difficult. And sometimes, the crack in the shell would ooze and the snail would have to rest and try to heal. But the crack could never really heal, it could only be tolerated. If the ooze could not be stopped right away, it would stink and no other snails would come nearby. The snail was sad. And frustrated. And, at times, in pain, and not just from the broken shell. The snail was distraught. The promise of life had not been fulfilled.

And so one day the snail left the lush garden and found a place where it could be something else. The snail left his broken shell behind and became nourishment instead.

The End

Le escargot


Your local nutty politics guy
Mar 18, 2024
Hi! I'm rather new to this site after lurking for quite a while I decided to share some of my (probably bad) writing.

Pool's closed

Enmeshed thoughts of jumping from the ledge arise as reality's dawn crashes down in my backyard.

The perpetually frozen yet freezing lake keels over, treading muddy waters.

The rising sun procures eager droplets, contemplating it's revenge.

Songbirds of mischief flock around the decomposing body of one who succumbed to the evil of everyday belonging.

Close confinement of wandering islands is comunally admired, their claim to fame stronger than ever.

Yet in all of this, man keeps swimming after taking a heavy dose of water to the head.

We are aquatic in nature after all.
Exact Change

Exact Change

A life of mistakes
Nov 6, 2022
My suicide note

Please don't be angry and understand that there was nothing anyone could have done. There just wasn't anything left for me. I love you all and I'm sorry.

_____ and ______, you two are amazing people. I wish I was a better father for you, I just never learned how. _______, watching you compete was some of the most enjoyable times of my life. Always remember the success you had from the work you put in. It's proof you can do anything. ________, I've said it before. You're the most caring, sensitive, and empathetic person I've ever known. The world needs more people like you. I know I've hurt you so much. I wish I could have fixed it. You're both so special. Don't let my passing stop your successes. Know that I'm at peace and I love you more than I've ever been able to express to you. Care for your mother. Listen to her, and appreciate how wonderful she is. Give her the love that I'm no longer able.

______, you stayed with me when most would have left. You are my best friend but I've hurt you the most. I'm sorry honey I just could not handle another day. I'm sorry for the drinking and the lies. I was so lucky to be with you and I didn't deserve your love and care. I wish I was a better man for you but I think I was broken even before we met. Find someone that will make you happy. I love you.

I loved laughing with you all at the dinner table. The trips to Italy, and the Grand Canyon were my favorites. I regret I never sang a song with you kids. You're both so talented. _______, I'm sorry we didn't do more and enjoyed each other more. We should have taken more walks together. Thank you all for the moments of happiness you gave me.

Wishes: I'd like to be cremated. No ceremony since I have no friends. I'd rather you not spend money on a plot. Just drop my ashes someplace nice, maybe near some water. Don't be sad or angry for too long. Live the happy life that eluded me.

I love you.


Just leave us the f*ck alone!
Feb 3, 2024
Not sure how I missed this thread for so long. I used to write some short stories to express my feelings. The one below is a previous one (partially) about my challenges with gender and how my mind likes to fuck with me:

The Superhero Villian

"Good morning Mr Watts, another eventful night I see," spoke a small robot, hovering above the ground through the spinning rotors it had for legs. It's metal exterior shell forged into the shape of a waiter.

The generated turbulent air blew onto its creator as he laid on his king-sized bed. Rubbing his blood shot eyes, he tried to gather his bearings, giving of an almighty yawn.

"What do you mean Service-Bot? I wasn't villaning last night" spoke Watts.
"Yes sir, Mr Evil did indeed not leave the base last night but I have it on good authority the Fantastic DooGooder made great strides on his case,"

It was on the word 'DooGooder' that Watts clicked on too the clothes he was wearing, in replace of his skull faced pyjamas was the outfit of a superhero. The blue cape dangling royally from his body, the famous thumbs up sign associated with Mr DooGooder proudly sitting on the chest of Mr Watts.
For most men to wear such a symbol of heroism was a mark of honour, for Watts it meant only horror.

"Not again…ohh not again. Why do I do this to myself….please Service bot not again, don't say ive done something stupid again,"

"Fear not Mr Watts, you really should be quite proud of your self-"
Watts looked at Service Bot with dread.

"No..I didn't…No I did… I saved a innocent child..how coul-"

"On the contrary Mr Watts, the Fantastic DooGooder really hit his stride last evening. Rumour has it he found and destroyed the Winter's orb, bringing summer back to the city"

"The winter's orb…the winters orb! I spent my weekend building that thing!"
In his frustration Watts ripped the blue cape from his back, slowly making his way from the bedroom to his room of operations. Dragging himself across the thin corridors of his base, his eyes diverted from the walls branded with a wide variety of phrases from "Thumbs up not a punch up" too "I'll never be like you Mr Evil".

As the thick metallic doors of his headquarters slid open Watts could only exhibit emotions of panic, all of the menacing devices and secret plans Watt's had worked so hard on were gone, replaced by brochures advertising various charities all offering to help turn people's lives around from crime. Each of course had the thumbs up sticker of approval of Mr DooGooder across the front page.

"I will burn every last one of these charities to the ground" screamed Watts, "Never again will I hear the words of Mr DooGooder and wear this hideous outfit" Watts claimed as he struggled to rip off the tightly fitted boots from his feet.

"Service Bot I wish to start immediately on my next plan of evil, open up th…"
"With all respect sir…would it not be more productive to build up counter measures against Mr DooGooder, after all this event has been categorised as a common occurrence.

"Do you not hear the words I speak servant! Mr DooGooder is no more!"
"Yes sir, I understand sir…It's just that…well.. you did say that exact same thing last time sir,"

"No, I didn't.."

The service bot's yellow glowing eyes turned blue as he entered into play back mode;
"Message recorded from 8th of July 2018: Mark my words Service Bot, Mr DooGooder is no more,"
Service Bot's eyes glow yellow once again.

"This time is different….garghhh I don't know… bring me the news I want to know the full damage".

A TV spanning the width of the wall rolled out from the roof of the room, the channel already flicked on to the news.

The voice of a TV presenter interviewing a woman left the large stereos in all four corners of the room.

"For what must have felt like an eternity you have been a hostage of Mr Evil, tell us what went through your head as you saw freedom come in the form of a thumbs up?" questioned the interviewer.

Service Bot's eyes glowed a little brighter as he recognised the woman being interviewed, a quirky young person her clothes bearing all the colours of the rainbow as her blond hair stickied out in eight very different directions.
"Ah look sir, that's the woman you like taking prisoner…is that five times now sir?"

"What!…Nonsense….I have taken her prisoner two… maybe three times…all coincidences" defended Watts before the woman replied to the interviewers question.

"Oh..I sensed him before my eyes set on him, that vile villain's aura clouded the room with a dark sticky humid feeling and I was drenched in it. The cool…minty aura of justice swept the room clean and I felt a pure form of joy as I knew Mr DooGooder must surely be near," expressed the Woman, her arms awkwardly waving from left to right as she attempted to demonstrate the events through her imaginative eyes.

"Sticky humid feeling?…Minty aura!…..Never have I head such stupidity…I demand to not see her again, close this infernal TV!," Watt's eyes were firmly shut so not to catch a glimpse of her with a hand on his chest as he felt a strange feeling resonating from between his lungs.

As the stiff movement of gears rolled the tv back into the roof of the room, heartfelt words left the four speakers once again as the interviewer asked a question of great interest to Watts,

"Rumour has it that in the heat of the moment emotions were expressed in a form of kiss?"

Watt's left eye had found itself firmly wide open again, glaring heavily at the bottom of the television as it rolled out of view.

"Service-Bot it is imperative that I show this woman true power…find her!"

"Number 6 sir…".
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Not Waving But Browned Off….
Sep 27, 2023
I wrote this during the full moon. Couldn't sleep and just spent ages crying trying not to wake anyone up.

"Silver Razor Moon"

Silver razor moon
How much more of me to shred?
The blade of you, it ribbons me
As I lie cold in bed
You prey on my insomnia
Reducing me to rags
A noose of stars around my neck
As swollen hours drag


a miserable little pile of secrets
Mar 9, 2024
I don't need the map.

Where did everybody go?

Starting to get late.


Mar 31, 2024
I write poetry occasionally. Here are two shortened versions of poems I've written.

Shortened from Untitled
For once, I felt comfortable.
And so, with serenity I brim.
And at the time I would've never known
That this was the only happy memory I'd have of him.

Shortened from End This Madness

All alone, lying down in my bed.
I'm far into the quiet night.
Darkness overtakes my room.
Too bad my thoughts can't be the light.
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