You Can Call Me Al

You Can Call Me Al

Apr 17, 2018
I graduate next month and am considering changing my name and starting fresh.

If a name is associated with identity, maybe a new one can help be a sort of palate cleanser. I was adopted when I was 12 and was forced to change it because of course the old one was associated with my old life. My current name is associated this in between life and just as much trauma and abuse with the family who gave it to me as the first one. Since being in college, I have become a person who is not the same and there are too many people who have almost tainted the way I see myself and life. I don't know if this makes much sense.

So when in a couple of weeks after I graduate (and hopefully find a job), I want to move away from everyone without warning. Get a new number, delete social media, and most of all, change all three of my names and cleanse myself of everything that I have suffered through so far. I don't want to be that girl anymore. That is, if I survive until then. I don't know when I'll finally get the strength to ctb, but until then I have to make some changes.

What do you think of Alma?


Apr 16, 2018
I like your new name and completely agree with you. A fresh start to life is nice. In my case, I went to the other side of the world. I embellish my past to people I meet. I will someday change my name as well to something i like. unfortunately depression is a monkey on your back that is very difficult to shrug off. it makes me not give a fuck about much of anything. maybe a day will come that i change my name or kill myself. whatever, i don't care.