Aug 18, 2020
It does not have to be the country you dislike the most. I know there is already the "which country would you like to nuke" thread but I don't like the notion to kill the whole population.

Countries I dislike currently a lot though not the whole population:

North Korea - the Kim regime tyrannizes his people and lets them starve. It is really cruel how he treats these poor people. I read interesting stories of refugees who could flee. More and more people understand that the propaganda is brainwashing. Young teenagers watch South Korean movies but if they get caught they face drastic consequences. There was a story that was touching. At night the North Koreans could see the lights in South Korea and the people were fascinated of it. It was like a glimpse in a better world for them.

Russi a- I think the reason is obvious I read a lot about the Ukraine war. It is hard to judge on people who do not protest enough. I would be scared myself. Still the reports on war crimes are heartbreaking. It is disgusting that some video clips become viral hits on Russian social media.

Saudi-Arabia. I am not sure but I might dislike it even more than Iran. I hate MbS. I am especially angry how they fuel the war in Yemen. A war which is barely noticed by the West despite the fact one of our allies fuels it. It really is a shame that we do not have the guts to stop that. On the other hand geopolitics is very intricate and just imposing our values is impossible.

Do you dislike a country maybe because you read a lot stories about it?


Jul 4, 2020
United States for sure. Not the people there, but rather the extensive history this country has of instigating wars and shaping narratives
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Leaf Muncher
Jun 1, 2023
@thethatsitboy yeah I gotta agree with you, America sucks. It's, how can I say this? The middle crust of a mud pie, and the rest of the pie is the rest of the world.

Also, I don't like Canada, France, Germany, The UK, Italy or any big government/1st world nation. I'm not gonna rant about it here, but blah blah blah corruption yadda yadda yadda global elites etc. etc.

The good countries for the most part are the traditional 2nd world countries imo


Jun 4, 2023
Either USA or Hungary. USA is just a trash pile. Trash legislation, trash culture and trash population. Yes, obviously there are some nice people in the USA (I know some of them personally), but most of them are egocentric, spoiled brats.

Concerning Hungary: It’s a country that never amounted to anything good. To be honest some of my hatred for Hungary comes from history of my country, but even some of my Hungarian friends dislike Hungary. That says a lot. Also need to mention their nationalism.


a little bird struggling in a cage (they/he)
May 29, 2023
Russia (people, morals, the government which started a goddamn war... so many things to hate) and USA (not the people, but the politicians).