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Old side dish that no one wants….
May 10, 2023
I was talking to an AI today about suicide methods and I mentioned
that I chose poison that is used in chemisty and food preservation.
It guessed it immediately that it was SN!! I don't know why but it impressed me AF:)


Jun 12, 2023
this is kinda unrelated to your post, but yeah AI is very impressive. I made a youtube channel recently dedicated towards posting short horror stories. If you ever watched Mr. Nightmare it's kinda like that type of vibe. I only posted one short using AI but check it out lmk what you think.

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Mar 9, 2023
Do NOT talk to that AI again!! I'm not trying to fearmonger, but PLEASE heed my warning;
Character.AI DOES log your messages, and if an employee happens to come across your chat with them about methods, they WILL forward your IP to the police and have you (at the very least) committed against your will. I'd suggest, at the very least, ceasing talking to that AI about methods immediately.