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Sep 14, 2022
So sitting on the sofa I just did this first time I located my carotids applied alot of pressure either side and I nearly passed out , after about 5 seconds eyes went blurry head went dizzy still dont feel right as i write lol ! Just before I released i felt a kinda of pop on the right side and my neck hurts there a piece like I slept funny so carefull attempting this dont want to injure your neck like i just did...
Do you think the body's will to survive would make this hard to do ( cause me to panic!!!) Or would I just pass out and not know no different . I was thinking forget the bag forget the tape just use maybe the tree ratchett and some sort of things under ratchet like bouncy balls or rolled up flannels to compress the carotids either side. Thoughts please, thanks

Edit :Don't forget tape as it holds the flannels/ sacks in place over the cartoids so they don't slip I get it now

Aug 26, 2018129
  • Oct 29, 2018
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Hey everyone,

Been talking to a lot of people in the chat and trying to explain this method, and one user wanted me to make a post about it, so here goes everything.

We're going after a classic idea of using a blood choke, except, it will be against ourselves. In the privacy of our own homes. In a fully relaxed state.

This method is fully capable and will kill you very fast. I know this because it's what we were taught in the Marine Corps.

First, you're going to want some Gorilla tape OR a tree ratchet.

Second, get two Sackhole/Cornhole bags.

Now, depending on what you're using, you'll want to lie on the ground and put the bags on these two exact areas on your neck (In blue).


The reason we're lying on the ground is that we want to be able not to have to fuss over putting the bags on us and making sure they don't fall out of place before we use the ratchet or the tape. You're putting the bags on these two areas to go after the internal carotid arteries.

Start cinching the ratchet closed or wrap the tape around your neck once. Is everything feeling good? I'm glad. If not, then uncinch it a little and place the bags. You want to make sure that you're not compressing the windpipe as that could cause you to freak out a little.

We want this to be painless and fast.

After you're comfortable, sit down if you want to or stand up. Do whatever you want honestly. Start wrapping the tape around your neck more and a little tighter or start closing the ratchet more.

In about 5-20 seconds you will pass out. After that, it's pretty much game over unless you somehow hit the ratchet release. That's why I said we could also use tape as well. With the gorilla tape, it will make sure that you don't inadvertently try to tear the tap off... because it will be strong as hell around your neck.

After you pass out, it will only take a few minutes, and you will be brain dead from the complete lack of blood flow to your brain.

I think I've explained this pretty well and I hope you guys understand the method. If not, please don't hesitate and I'm sure that I can help you out or someone else in the community can help you out.
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Jul 15, 2022
Did you press with your fingers or with the rope on the neck?


Sep 14, 2022
With my fingers quite hard, my necks quite skinny so was easy to find the points


Sep 16, 2022
Each soul alone may choose their way to ctb. I hope you will be ok. Hugs from this lost soul.
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I want throat hugs & anime! Can't use chat pm me
Aug 7, 2022
Thanks... The ratchet scared me more than gravity though... I probably would screw up the bag placement... It's so scary & hard...