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Deleted member 847

One day, all of us will be dead. All of the users of this forum. Someone has to make a creepypasta out of this in the future.
What do you think?

Deleted member 847

For what purpose?
It could spread the idea in other people subconscious mind and make them create more communities like this and make this in time socially accepted. Or maybe this is just my mental masturbation.
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Mar 18, 2018
I mean we will die in high number here in a relatively short time and so the next generation of users. This could trigger normies attention.

Although most people here are suicidal, not everyone here actually wants to die or has made plans to do so in the near future. There are people that have plans several years from now, are here just to vent, or just talk with like minded people.


I know it's over And it never really began
May 26, 2018
What would be the purpose of "normies attention" - getting this place shut down? :notsure:


Jun 17, 2018
Well this forum is different. I've searched about suicide on google for months now and this is the first place I found that you can openly talk about it. Everywhere else people can't even mention a method without a " don't do it" disclaimer to keep em out of trouble. Here people understand that we don't wanna hear the sappy "life get better, blah blah blah" cause sometimes it just dont


Not Circling the Drain Anymore
May 31, 2018
Have you ever noticed how when you google anything about suicide it puts Suicide Hotline shit at the top? So annoying.