Oct 16, 2018
Life is literally a flesh prison. There's no escape besides death, and dying on purpose is really fucking hard and causes more suffering. Until then you must endure endless battering of torturous thoughts and emotions. There's nothing more cruel than life.


Dec 17, 2020
Life is the punishment!
Its better to be dead or something else. I sometimes think that we are an experiment in Gods gigant toy container.
Aw... This discussion can go deeeeeep if you want.

Atleast I feel somewhat alive today. I got drunk for free yesterday! Blood for the Blood God!
Life is pointless

Life is pointless

Dec 18, 2020
Yup , life in itself is prison since we are forced to born into this world without our consent and forced to live also without the right to die , we are brainwashed by religions and other shit that if u suicide u are going to hell , but thats only meant to scare us and to keep us in control , if only there was euthanasia in every country life would be much much better since we would know there is a way out from this eternal hell we will enjoy our last moments , but no reality forces us to be slaves and suffer till we die , thats the harsh reality ....


Sorry babe i love you..
Jan 25, 2021
Being bullied from your GF
Sunset Limited

Sunset Limited

I believe in Sunset Limited
Jul 29, 2019
A woman and a man want to experience being a mother and father... we are here. Using someone for a personal experience that you don't know would like to volunteer or not. I remember I was 20 and asked to my mother 'Why am I in this world?' They thought I had psychological problems because normal people don't ask this question. When a mistake is made by everyone, they think it is right. They thought I had an adaptation problem and that I was not willing to participate. Maybe this could be true. Maybe I would be happy if I was careless enough. I think I was too stubborn and skeptical. Now I know what I chose. I reject this sick existence that sacrificed billions for someone's happiness and comfort. I choose my own mind. For some reward in this shithole, choosing to live a miserable life? What's wrong with death?


Sad Millennial
Mar 28, 2021
It is utter shit and I’m sick of it. Life is constantly beating me senseless and torturing me with reckless abandon. It’ll continue to beat and torture me senseless until I finally get the courage to check out for good.


Every form of refuge has its price
Mar 14, 2021
Don't like when people correct each other but '80's music is one of the few things I know a lot about.
The song is " Love is a battlefield" by Pat Benatar.
Thank you for posting this. I wanted to but felt bad about correcting someone..
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She dreams of eternal sleep
Sep 24, 2020
We should at least get peaceful methods out to compensate for the suffering we have experienced in this life. Nobody asked to be born. At least death will come someday, it’s nice knowing the pain will end. Maybe death is the reward for enduring life.


Just a guy passing by
Dec 9, 2019
Life is absolutely neutral to our suffering. We make do after our roll in the genetic lottery. I numb it out with long shifts at work followed by copious amounts of weed. Such lifestyle leads one astray and I wouldn't recommend it, despite barely having any regrets.

During fully sober months I just float depersonslized. Life is a cage that everybody renovates on their own. I just wanna stay passive to it. Makes thinking about ctb less dramatic.