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Apr 13, 2023
First and foremost, obviously, there is no way of proving the existence of an almighty God.
At the same time, however, there is no way of proving the absence of an almighty God.

After all, if a God does exist, they will be a being of a higher dimension, which beings of this dimension just simply can't comprehend.
It is like a cube explaining what "height" is to a square, who can only comprehend "length" and "width". Simply impossible.

However, a cube has "length" and "width" too, which a square can comprehend.
In other words, a being of a lower dimension may not be able to understand an upper dimension completely, but they can at least understand it partially.

It seems too easy to just say "there is a God" or "there is no God" and end the discussion there, so I decided to think a little deeper.

"If there IS a God, just like the Bible mentioned, what would their purpose be? Who are they?"
That's the question I asked myself.

And I believe I have crafted a pretty decent theory.

Remember the cube and square analogy I made?
The Bible said "God created humans according to his image".
Which would mean humans have attributes that God himself has.
In other words, if we want to understand God's purpose, observing human behavior can be a great place to start.

Let's start with this question: why do humans create?
Is it just because we can? I don't think so.
We create because we CAN'T.

Take a pair of scissors for example.
Overall, humans are stronger than a pair of scissors.
We can destroy a pair of scissors whenever we want.
Does it mean we are completely superior over a pair of scissors?
No, we created scissors precisely because we CAN'T cut paper the way a pair of scissors do.

The same goes to water bottles, tables, nuclear bombs, etc.
Therefore, if God created us, it does mean they have a greater power overall, and have control over us, but it would also mean there is something we can do which God can't.
Otherwise it would be pointless to create us, right?

So, what is the purpose??
What does God want from us?
Apparently, it's unconditional love and devotion.
Praises, worships, burns whomever that disagrees.

Now, who else on Earth does that?


Think about it:
Who are the ones that create an entire virtual world consisting of characters of a lower dimension just to shower them love and praise?
Who has such a rage issue that makes them want to burn everyone that disagrees?
The ones that can't get love from THEIR OWN dimension.
The loners. The "nice" guys.
That one nerdy kid in school that ends up making his own AI friend via technology because no one else would be his friend.
That shitty anime artist that gets turned on when someone calls him "Daddy". ("Heavenly God Father" could have been a kinky slang all along.)

And THAT would explain all the disasters we are facing, despite having a "loving" God.
We are a game of Sims. Nothing more, nothing less.

Gotta give credit where credit is due though, this God is one talented ass programmer.

But hey, it's just a theory.
A theory made with the assumption suggesting the "Christian God" does exist.
So if you are a hardcore atheist, please chill.
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Aug 15, 2023
I dont know if a god exist. I hope not! Then if he exist he is the greatest soab in the world. IF he exist what does he want? See our pain. See how mother cry over there deadborn. See how people kill each other. See how priest fucks children. Give kids cancer. All this shit is fun for this asshole. IF he exist it is how you said it: We are like Sims in a world of a sadistic evil thing.


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Dec 27, 2020
The Christian interpretation of God is modelled on a paternal framework. One of creating, judging and punishing, which appeals instinctively because it builds on our carrot-and-stick childhood conditioning. Alas, this says more about the people who came up with the original mythologies - and those who bought into the ideas - than it does the true nature of a deity.

Your scissor analogy is a really good one. You will be able to develop your ideas further if you do not confine yourself to Abrahamic mythology.

For an analogy of what I am saying, recall the moment in American history when native peoples expressed confusion over the notion of land ownership, which they found totally foreign. The settlers settled the issue with guns. But does violence (including Abrahamic Crusades, holy wars, destruction of traditional cultures, terrorism, etc.) really indicate a superior philosophy? Or is this an epic case of survivorship bias?
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Sep 9, 2023
Lately I have been following the Simulation theory. In that case to me "God" could be a sadistic teenager running a sims like computer program with so much pain and misery in the world