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Which kills you

  • The world

    Votes: 15 36.6%
  • Your situation

    Votes: 28 68.3%
  • Your self

    Votes: 18 43.9%
  • Other

    Votes: 3 7.3%

  • Total voters


Jun 16, 2018
in more detail, the question, the options:
The world- You can't stand it, or stand up to it, you must escape from it
Your situation- Your personal illness, your abuse, that was inflicted upon you which is crippling to death
Your self- You/your personality, are the badness that needs to die

Which do you condemn...or are damned by...or something less dramatic but you understand my question? There are of course multiple "Why are you suicidal?" threads here, but heey i wanted to post this one.. with this specific question.. i considered making an Other/People option but decided that can fall into The World? but there's still a straight Other if you like.

for me, it's the last which takes Precedent. it's the first that ruins me on the daily, but oh i could better the world, couldn't i...but i won't, because i suck, and can boil this down to me deserving to die and then wanting to die. Self takes precedence so i just casted the one vote.

do you think this is a worthwhile question/classification?


Jul 2, 2018
I would say it's situation more than anything else, and here's why: I was born with minor cerebral palsy, and while this isn't an unbearable thing in and of itself, I was also born into an area that doesn't give a shit whether I live or die, and all because of something I was born with. It is important to note that I only have the physical disability, and not a mental one. This has caused me to be acutely aware of how people perceive me.
I have said many times that the tragedy of my existence isn't that I am disabled, but that I'm aware I'm disabled. These thoughts have led me to developing mental health issues that I feel are insurmountable, and everyone here must already know how mental health is stigmatized; couple that with a physical disability and you've got a depressive mess left over.
Ignorance truly is bliss.


Jun 28, 2018
I would say myself. I have caused all the pain that I have been feeling because I am not good enough for anyone, not even the standards I used to set. All I do is cause pain and suffering on everyone around me. A world without me would be a better world for everyone in it.


Jun 29, 2018
Great question. For me it's situation, a physical health condition that is keeping me from living my life. I still have hope that I will one day return to normal, but it seems like fantasy to me at this point. I really think that all of the shit you have to take in life eventually builds up to the point where you just can't take it anymore. Life really does not make sense to me at all. In the end all it just really comes down to procreation and death. Eventually humanity will get wiped out too.