Jul 9, 2018
Not near as terrifying when loaded. It's funny when you read autopsy reports, the emphasis is always on the drugs and alcohol in the system, I'd like to be on every drug known to man ,and a room filled with empty booze bottles of every variety just to give them something to talk about, and it would feel great.


A Girl on the Shore
Aug 12, 2018
The thought of dying alone used to terrify me but since whats going on in the world and how the mass majority are dying together terrifies me more. I rather have a death that I expected in my own way than an unexpected school shooting


Jul 12, 2018
Yeah I used to worry more about it but at least when I am on dxm it's like everything is gonna be okay feeling biochemistry adjustment but don't over do it, manic from it atm but not depressed at least I think, but yeah I want to think there will just be a universal love we are taken back into, feel great, or simply cease to exist. The transition might be a bit scary though, like a panic attack feel maybe? Or when a drug trip turns doom and gloomy feeling? Hope not.

Morning Angel

Useless Broken Wings
Aug 8, 2018
I envy the people who can be doped up during their attempt. I’m so sorry, OP. I’ll be alone too. Maybe you can chat with whoever is willing to talk to you when it’s time.
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Jul 27, 2018
I don't mean to bust your bubble but let's think of how it would have been the other way around in old age, connected to machines and dying in the hospital. It is still nasty no matter how much morphine you get and everyone dies alone. Dying is always unpleasant and lonely no matter what you do. You get born alone and you die alone. It's nature's way.


Aug 14, 2018
But it's the only way that I'll be successful. I just wish that one of my family members could understand my wish to die and ride it out with me.

I have completely the same issue..it's what's kept me here so long if I'm honest it's like this emense sadness that I can't hold someone's hand or even tell they people I love most goodbye. It's scary as hell when you don't know for sure what will become of you it would just be such a relief to have someone take the journey with you