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After I die, I will be happy again like I used to
May 20, 2024
I thought I'd go back in time and live a happy and normal life like before without caring about people, but now I'm afraid if I go back then I'll do something stupid. I'm always the happiest person on my own because I don't have luck with people. But why do I have to ruin my life like a fool for 10 years and months? I'm someone who has already ended their relationship. If you still can't let me go, you ask me to kill you, and you're using it while pretending to love yourself for your own benefit, right? This person has someone you really love. He just acted like he believed in superstitions for a moment. He doesn't know if he was a garbage person. He doesn't fix people carelessly, he doesn't even think about them. When that person comes to a dream or comes to mind, I feel deathly fear, and I can't tell you my situation, but I have no choice but to die in the most painful and fast way because I can't die freely like everyone else. Suicide by jump I know he ruined my life, but I keep using it. At first, I was scared because the only way to solve my situation was to die. It took me 7 hours to try. I don't have the instinct to survive now because I have to die somehow. It's a happy way to die. I can't fathom the mental illnesses that have been caused by him. More than 10. I'm not mad at people and I don't want people to die, but I really do want that person to die on his own. I'm psychologically broken right now, so it's hard to try, and there's not much time left. If I fail, I think I'll have to forget the reality even if I go crazy. I want to hear that the person died before I go crazy. He will use me to help me succeed and make money so I can die. But I still won't. He can do everything that he dies, but I don't know why he doesn't. I'm the first person in my life to die. I'm either going to die or go crazy for the rest of my life. Even if I ask him to die the same way I do, I don't think he should. How does that person die? I think it's faster for me to die
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incapable of shutting up
May 2, 2024
I'm so sorry. I think it's really terrible how often the person who was wrong has to suffer more than the one who wronged them. I wish there was more justice in the world</3
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